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Rear Door Hinges


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Now I suspect that this is quite a commom problem with Disco's. The lower hinge on my 300 has got quite a lot of play in it, and as such is causing the rear door to drop and catch on the bumper. I have a new hinge to go on which will hopefully cure this problem, so, can anyone suggest the best way to approach replacing the hinge?

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I've had to do this on mine.

Lessons learnt:

It is possible to do it on your own

Replacing both saves having to strip the door out again a few months later

(Although you would not take them both off at once!!)

It is a REALLY GOOD IDEA to take the spare wheel off before you start.

(I am prepared to acknowledge learning that the hard way! :D )

Also - if you are on your own, a jack with a piece of 2x2 cut as a prop will be handy

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must be hinge time as i just did mine too!!! (got a pair of new in packs off ebay for £10.55 delivered :ph34r: )

defo take the spare off!!!!!!!!

get new proper rivits for the end plate and a big a$$ rivit gun to do them with

a second pait of hands is usefull


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