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Identifying an axle

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I am trying to identify what axle I have on the rear of my rangie.

What I do know is this:

  • 10 spline diff
  • Separate drive members on the half shafts
  • ABS
  • Coil sprung
  • Vehicle VIN is JA.

From hunting around on the web, all I (well Mark90 ;) ) can find is there are two contenders for the stub axle:

Stub axle - to axle nos 34S14628B, 35S16958B, 36S00081A, 37S00315A (at least to JA) - rear axle with ABS - RANGE ROVER 1986-1994


£65.00 ex VAT

Stub axle - from axle nos 34S14629B, 35S16959B, 36S00082A, 37S00316A (later than JA) - rear axle with ABS - RANGE ROVER 1986-1994


£35.00 ex VAT

The axle tube is too pitted and repainted to be able to find the axle number, so is there any other way to find out which one I need other than buying them both and comparing with what I have already?

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Cheers Ralph!

My vin is 615825 so typically I need the dearer one!! :angry:

Right, off to start a price war........ Paddocks, Exeter 4x4 Brookwells........

Edited to say: Doh! if I read properly, I would see that I actually need the cheaper one!!! :D :D :D

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