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VIN info.

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Can anyone tell me what year they start putting the VIN plate under the windscreen rather than on the brake pedal box plate? I have a photo of a window VIN plate but I'm not having any luck getting it to look-up at all. Before I go and pay for the vehicle I'd really like to get confirmation.

Would anyone here happen to be near Great Yarmouth and willing to check the vehicle in person? It is a bit of a flight and drive for me to get there, especially if it turns out to be a fraud. (I'm really hoping it is not, but getting at least one system to recognize the VIN would be nice).

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I might be wrong, but i'm pretty sure that there was always one on the brake pedal box regardless of whether or not there is one in the window. If the one on the brake box is missing, i would be asking why. It might be honest and have dropped off, but might need further investigation. Can you get a copy of the V5 and if you can, does the plate in the window match the V5? If so, you should still have all the details you need to get information on the vehicle. Worth getting whoecer lookas at it to check the number on the chassis matches up as well.

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Thanks, got the 'new' reg plate info today and that made the lookup work so I feel a bit better now. Here when we sell a vehicle we keep the plates and the new owner is issued a new one so we do all our look-ups by VIN alone, which wasn't cooperating.

Got a bunch more photos too, and I'm quite happy with the condition, and looking forward to sticking it beside the 110 project to use as a guide for getting things finished up properly. :)

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