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Sourcing Lightweight Rear Crossmember

Swifty oh no

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I have been looking for one of these with extensions, to replace the very rusty one on the truck at the moment.

I have been quoted £111.00 +vat from Bearmach and £85.00+ VAT from Craddocks. Spring hangers from both are about the same.

I have heard some real horror stories about the varying quality of replacement rear crossmembers (not specifically about these suppliers) but wondered if anybody has had experience of this part form either supplier?


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Hiya Swifty smile.gif

I use Bearmach crossmembers more than any other supplier and they are generally ok - sometimes requiring a bit of fiddling to get them to fit properly. Paddocks and Craddocks may supply you with Britpart items, and I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole - ever again.

For your interest/entertainment smile.gif



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If it was anything like my lightweights crossmember, I would get the quarter chassis instead, very easy to fit (except for welding on the top face :rolleyes:) and includes the spring hangers...

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Funny you should say that, that is just what I have done as both spring hangers needed replacing as well.

Last time I looked they were like hens teeth so had resigned myself to getting one with extensions separate hangers and maybe adding bits and pieces here and there.

Found a coupe of places today that have them.

Should be here before the weekend, so I will keep you posted on the quality when it turns up.

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Yep, horrible job :)

I guess you found the specially hardened rivets then! :P

TBH, it is the way to do it, means you will have no alignment issues with just a tiny amount of measuring :)

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