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Brake problem


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I just refurbished my brakes thinking it would work.... So now one in every ten times I push the peddle I get a nice hard brake but the rest of the times I have to pump it about three times before it engages.

The springs are the right way around, the leading shoe is facing forward, I blead the brakes with the nose jacked up...

Any ideas or facts of what the problem could be?

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Which brakes are we talking about? If you have been bleeding after replacing wheel cylinders and the master cylinder has not been changed/resealed then it could be down to the bleeding stirring up the carp that acumulates in the master which is interfering with the one way valve in the master. If so then its reseal/replacement time for the master.

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The braking system is on a series 3 88 1973. I spoke to a friend yesterday and he had a look at the master cilinder and the leak was not there. He talked about a valve in there that could be blocked? Yesterday I was driving and for the whole day had no problem and then this morning it was soft all over again. The cams are set right. All the shoes are free from oil. Any Ideas?

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