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Clutch slave gone again

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 I posted a while back about mucky black clutch fluid - based on advice here I replaced slave, master AND flex pipe (to be sure) with new OEM parts (AP slave and Girling master). The only bits I didn't replace were the hard line on the bulkhead (flushed it well though) and the slave push rod (because the new one I got wasn't the right length). I cleaned up the old rod as well as I could but it was still somewhat rough / pitted.

Well it's gone and done the same thing within a few thousand km.

I pulled the slave off again at the weekend and the boot appeared to have separated from the end of the cylinder - SO my theory is the rough push rod dragged the boot off and allowed crud to get in and work its way behind the seal - does that sound plausible?

Q2: when examining the guts of the slave, there is a groove on the piston that was packed full of the same black muck that appeared to have got into the fluid - is there supposed to be a secondary seal of some sort? is that what disintegrated (see all the black muck on the paper towel) or is it all just road grime?

Q3: I polished up the bore with 1000 grit paper - since it's basically new I was not planning on replacing the seal (especially as the only seal kit I have on hand is Britpart...) - good idea? bad idea?

Q4: does anyone know the correct P/N for the slave push rod for a 2.5N/A with short bellhousing R380?

Thanks once again


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pushrod for 4 cylinder engines & short R380 is FRC4229, it's not cheap though here recently replaced mine as I thought it was wrong, but turned out to be correct, road grit can't get into it very easily as the rod is inside a virtually enclosed space, could be dust from clutch wear & moisture or old seals make the fliud turn black too.

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eek thanks - precision cut by the tears of solihull unicorns no doubt 

I hadn't considered clutch wear material - I did end up taking a bit of a dip with the wading plug out but other than that I don't know where it all could have come from

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