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3 bolt steering box - clonk & wear?


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Hello all - appologies for posting here but I'm in Jordan at the mo and could use some info before we head off for Egypt -

I don't think from memory that this is covered in haynes, and I don't have any other reference with me, but I have developed a clonk in the steering box, and there is slight play in the output shaft to the drop arm - getting a bit of steering shake also - play can be seen when turning the wheel.

Is there a way of adjusting this out, or is more work required?

Car is reasonably low mileage, so normal wear and tear isn't high on my list of suspicions, but theres a definate observable movement in the output... otherwise, does anyone know if this will continue without much drama for a few thou or is it likely to degrade quickly?

cheers : )

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If the play is within the box itself, then there's an adjuster on the top of the box to remove any internal play. Slacken the nut, screw the inner threaded part in until there is no play, then tighten the nut. If the play is in the drop arm where it's fitted to the shaft, then the big nut on the end of the shaft needs to be tightened. Play in the drop arm ball joint means that the joint has to be replaced.


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cheers Les, seems it's in the box itself so hopefully an easy adjustment then. ta : )

Les is correct - slacken the nut off while holding the hex-key still, you can then turn the hex key a bit to adjust it, don't go mad though, as all you are doing is pushing the worm-gear assembly together.. half a turn should be enough.

Then hold the hex key still while you tighten the locking nut back up.

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