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Rear wheel arch repair

Ben B

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Hoping someone might have a magic wand......

I am pulling my hair out trying to find either a pair of Rear Inner Wheel Arches complete or repair panels for my 4 door 1991 RRC. I thought I had struck gold at MM 4x4 as they had a pair advertised, however after ordering they called to say no longer available!!!

Any thoughts as to where I might get a pair or does any one have some ideas on fabricating a repair panel? Mine have rusted through at the usual place where the rear seat belt mounts are.

Rimmer bros have ones for the 2 door RRC, does any one have any experience of making the 2 door ones fit a 4 door shell?

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts/help.

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Using the 2 door inner wheel arch panel on a 4 door shell is not at all difficult. Me and a mate did my old 82 that way some years ago. In fact I don't remember there being a choice of 2 or 4 door inner wheel arch panels when I bought the bits.

My current 1990 had gone at the seat belt mounts, I chopped out the rust, fabricated repair sections and welded them in. I seem to remember Les Henson doing one of his write ups on that common job. Have a look in the tech archive section.

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