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200Tdi Fuel Filter Query

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I've just done the first fuel/oil filter change on the 110 CSW since I aqcuired it . The fuel filter appears to have some sort of added device under the normal screw-in housing with wires connected to it. I assume as the vehicle was expedition prepared that htis is some sort of heating device to stop the fuel freezing(?)

The fuel filter that came off was a Crossland 5006 and had no raised metal rim around the inner screw socket and a stange plastic clip-on device that held the rubber sealing washer. My new filter, a Cooper have a riased ring around the inner screw socket. Not being 100% sure, I transfered the plastic clip thingy onto the new filter whereupon it p*ssed fuel out when started up. I then removed the plastic thingy and it seemed to seal OK.

Any ideas what the plastic thingy is and also what the device with electrical connections is between the fuel filter housing and the filter itself?

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The plastic clip is to retain the seal while in transit, bin it before fitting, you've found out why :lol: LR number for filter is AEU2147L [just for future reference]

the other part will be a fuel heater for cold climates, I'm certain you won't ever need it switched on. EPC doesn't show/list one, must be either a LRSpecial Vehicles part or a LR option or a aftermarket part.

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My word, that was quick. The strange thing is that the clip was still fixed to the one I took off the vehicle and none was fixed to new one Bob sent so I'm not sure how there were no leaks. The new filter seems to be working OK though.

As regards the heater, I don't know how it is turned on as I can't see any additional switches for it - perhaps it comes on with the ignition automatically. There is second device clamped around the pipe that comes off the top of the filtre housing with wires to it - presumably the same kind of thing.

I was surprised to find that when I drained the oil from the sump and went to refil it, it took far less than expected. The Haynes book says 6 litres plus the filter but 6 it only took about 5 so there must have been quite a lot that didn't drain out.

With regards the LT77 g/box, the Haynes book syas use ATF. I have a can of Land Rover MTF 94 which I'm sure I used to use in my ZF auto box - would this be OK in the LT77?

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Yep, MTF94 wil be fine in the gearbox, LR now recommed it for all manual boxes,the sump oil might have been at the low mark before draining, 6 litres is correct to bring the oil to the 'N' mark on the dipstick & fill the filter.

the fuel heaters could well be connected through the ignition switch to operate while on the glow plug position, might be worth tracing the wires back to see where they're connected,.

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