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Nato hitches and door omunted spare wheels

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I have a 1998 300tdi 110 fitted with a Dixon Bate adjustable towbar.

I want to lose this and fit a NATO hitch directly to the rear crossmember.

(I know about using spreader plates etc)

My problem is that when offering up the NATO hitch (my tow bar is still fitted) it looks like the spare wheel on the rear door will either hit the hitch or at least stop me opening the jaws when the rear door is shut.

(It's hard to actually tell as my existing towbar is still in place and I'm sort of doing my measurements by eye)

Am I correct in thinking that the hitch will hit the spare or not open with the door shut?

If so, would fitting a Paddocks spare wheel carrier raise the position of the wheel and allow me to fit/use the NATO hitch?

Any comments really appreciated :)

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The spare wheel carrier that opens with the rear door(Paddocks one)and NATO hitch is the system I have on my 90-it works very well and you can tow a sankey with it that way too-the only problem I had was the jockey wheel on my sankey got ripped off :ph34r: removed when I was reversing a while ago, I really need to move it over to the other side where the handbrake lever is to keep it out the way of the spare wheel when I'm reversing

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Until I fitted the swing away carrier, I had a spare 7.50R16 on the back door and a NATO on the crossmember. They would clear each other, provided the hitch sat parallel to the ground. If it was locked upright then the top catch would just bind on the bottom of the tyre. I can't help with any other size tyres but I suspect that 235 /85 will be fine if the hitch is unlocked.


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Thanks all.

I'll rip the Dixon Bate off and have a bit of a play with the NATO hitch.

Next question - anyone know of a spare wheel carrier that allows you to mount a high lift next to the spare?

A bit like this (scrapiron) one?


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but don't put a 33" tyre on the safari equip one as you won't be able to fit your nato hitch, or you will, but it will have to be sideways at all times, which is pretty useless.

fear not though, they make a high clearance one now i think which will help.

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Thanks for all the replies.

I've emailed Safari Equip for a price - strange they don't show their prices on the website!

If they are too expensive, I'll probably go for a Paddocks version and look at adding a small platform for the jack to sit on.

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