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200 tdi Engine Fitting Service/Help

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I have sourced myself a 200tdi Range Rover Classic as a donor car for my 19J Engine swap.

I have stripped the RR of most parts...apart from the engine...

However, the car is now sat on my drive awaiting for the conversion to be done.

A guy that was meant to be doing it, is in delay and is not giving me any indication of when he will actually fit it for me...my parents aren't too happy now, because they now have a whopping RRC in parts in front of the house...(yes it looks an eye-sore!)

My question is, does anyone on here do 2.5td > 200tdi conversions? Or know of anyone?

I would have loved to have done it myself, but I don't have the tools/knowledge etc...I would be willing to help anyone...not sure if I have enough space to do it on my drive?

I'm in the Notts/Derbys area.

Any help would be much appreciated.

p.s I have bought an heavy duty clutch and clutch fork from Paddocks to be fitted also.


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The more you can remove from the engine bay the better. Also make sure wheels are chocked and RR is on flat level surface.

Listed items such as

remove power/diconnect batt.

disconnect loom from engine and keep, inc starter cables glowplug timer stuff and body earths

Rad and intercooler + frames(keep)

coolant and air turbo pipework (keep)

slam panel and grilles (bin/sell)

exhaust downpipe (keep)

take 16-18 bolts out of engine flywheel housing (keep obviously)so engine can be split from gearbox

Then you really need an friend and an engine crane.

cover all open orifices into engine with corks/placky bags and insulation tape etc

take propshafts off and remove as much around the tunnel as you can

buy new engine and gearbox rubbers for install also new propnuts and bolts. May need new props if lengths are different all depends on if you keep gearbox from def (lt77) or use from RR LT77/auto????


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Maybe I should have re-phrased it...

Basically I'm after someone/company to do it for me at a price...

I just don't have the time to do it in a week (I use the Landy on a daily basis)...I only have the odd Evening and Weekends free...

If I did it on my own, I'd spend 75% of my time on here asking questions lol and not getting anywhere with it...

I am willing to help anyone out on it...just I can't/don't want to do it alone...

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