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disco 1 fuel tank guard


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can anyone settle an arguement when fitting a fuel tank guard on a plastic tank disco 1 do you remove the bracket first then fit the guard or fit the guard over the top of the bracket cheers

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I removed the standard bracket/stone chip guard (or whatever it is called) then fitted the tank guard.

helps if the fuel tank is empty/near empty and use some small lengths of wood batton to 'wedge' the fuel tank as otherwise it will fall down and cause problems when you try fitting the new guard.

Mine took about two hours to do with plenty of swearing! Good luck!

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Leave the standard part in place and fit the tank guard over it.


That's what I did, mine is the Southdown towing hitch type and my reasoning behind it was the guard is ****** heavy so if I was going to remove it I did not want to have to support the tank too!

HTH Andy

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It depends on the type of tank guard if you hve a Southdown tow hitch guard I believe these mount to your towbar mountings if you just have the pressed steel type [as I do] that goes on the 4 bolts that hold the oe guard in place,I removed mine.But dont do as I did and not support the tank as mine dropped and caused problems by breaking a fuel pipe fitting on sender unit.

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it is the pressed steel type it has been fitted now without the oe guard my personal opinion was the oe one should stay if it is possible to fit the guard over the top but I was overuled

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