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Bike and carrier security.


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Hi guys

basically we are going to cornwall in 8 weeks time ( jollys ) and we are taking two adults mountain bikes with us strapped to a bike carrier thats strapped to the spare wheel of our disco 2, and want to know what other peops use for security whilst the car is parked on motorway services and alike, was thinking of using a plastic coated motorbike security chain routed through the two frames and then through the spare wheel carrier with a good padlock fitted, any other ideas would be greatly appieciated.



03 d2 td5 auto e.s.

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You can put all the chains on it that you want. If the thieving scumbags want it, they'll have it. Your safest option is never to leave the vehicle unattended in motorway services. I am, perhaps overly so, paranoid about this when we go on holiday with our little camping trailer. It's so small and light it takes two seconds to unhitch it and it's away. We take it in turns to powder ours noses and stay with the vehicle.

Bitter and twisted, moi? Never.

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if you have quick release stuff like front wheels, be wary these could be nicked in an instant if you dont go thru them with the chain?..

same really for any other items quick release...

pity you cant get em up on the roof somehow?...it would make em less accessable..


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One of our reasons for buying a Disco was because I can put the bikes inside the vehicle!

I also have a bike rack which bolts and locks to the towbar. That way I can then lock the bikes to the bike rack, so that everything is securely bolted & locked (better than webbing strap mountings which can be cut with a penkinfe in a moment). Agree tho that any villanscumbag will bolt-crop in a minute-or-2, so we always keep vigilant.

When in motels in France, I have reversed the car back into bushes to hide the bikes and make it harder for thieves to get at.

The rack I have is from towsure, and great value http://www.towsure.com/product/412-Cyclemaster_2-3_Cycle_Carrier_&_Accessories

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