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Have noticed on here and other 4x4 sites people asking about maps, and finding Byways etc

Could we make these web sites Stickies.

You can buy OS Maps on line about £7

Try here,


I find Landranger maps are best as the larger explorer maps are too big.

There are these OS maps on line and both have ariel views which can be useful.

Byways are the red +++++ which become green on the explorer scale.

On line OS Map


You can change the ref number at the end so the map opens where you want.

Another OS Map


hope these help.

THe Birds eye on the Bing Map is great it's also world wide check out the Strip in Vagas or Golden Gate Bridge

Have fun


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I personnally prefer to run an electric map as my primary map. Recently I have been working with viewrangers software that is very capable on a syban based phone and with all of the UK at Landranger for £150 pretty good value really.




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Make sure they are open i.e. no TROs. Its not as simple as you think and they way this country is going you could be nicked!!

Join a GLASS affiliated club is best.

Thats all very well, however i have recently become the glass contact in our local club, and the info on the trialwise site is so far out of date it might aswell not be there at-all!! it needs everyone that uses lanes to keep the records updated, otherwise the system fails....

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Yeah we have just joined Glass and trailwise is pretty ancient and is gleamed only from the OS maps of a few years back apart from what has been added on a local level. Personnally I use OS maps and also contact the local council for a list of TRO's before I go along with checking their website for published TRO's before I head off.

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