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rear electric windows


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the link won't work on mine but i presume it's for the electric window relay box underneath the dash on the passenger side, these are common for dry joints inside but mine seems to have a dodgy wire going into it as if i move the wires the rears work again.

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Could well be, I'll strip everything back down again at some point



My mate hadd a similar snag on his N-reg 300TDi Disco.

Turned out to be the swithces were corroded inside and full of crub/fuff. Try swapping the front switches to the rear in the centre console and see if they work. With (very) careful use of a small screwdriver you can open up the swithces and clean them (but watch for springs and bits whizzing past your ear).

I have heard of people opening them up inside palstic bags to catch all the bits before now.

Hope this helps.


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i tried to remove the window ECU but i cant get the wiring plug out of the ecu,

there are 2 plugs the top one came out ok but the bottom one wont come out at all,

so i cant get to remove the ecu

apart from setting fire to it what can i do

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