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LT77/R230 Question

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Hi all,

having done some exploratory work around my transmission to try and keep some of the EP90 off the drive, I found 3 bolts that had been put in so tight they have stripped the thread in the ally housing!

All three bolts are around where the gear stick and hi/lo selector atach to the top of the gearbox.

I need to remove the selector lever mechanisms to allow me to repair the threads (thinking helicoils at the moment)- Can anybody tell me how much of a hassle it is to remove, i.e. will it fall to bits and be a pain in the neck to re-assemble or does the mechanism come off as a whole

Two of the bolts in question are used to attach part no.25 (gear change housing) in the attached diagram to the gearbox, the other one holds part no.1 (gear lever housing) to part no.25:


I really don't fancy taking this to bits if it is all going to fall to pieces on the drive and be impossible to put back together.

thanks in advance.


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the turret [item 1] can be removed after the gearlever [item 32]is removed, the lower gear lever [item 7] can stay in place.

I've never removed the housing [item 25] so don't know if anything else has to be removed first.

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Wow - that's got to be a record response time!

Many thanks Ralph - sounds promising, any idea what type/size bolts they are, LR Series just lists then as 'out of stock'?

Part no.s




hex head M8 thread by 40mm long

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Pssst - want to know a secret?

Taking BH108111L as an example, B means bolt (not threaded to the head), the "08" means M8 (so you can have 06, 10, 12, 14 etc.) and the next two digits (11 in this case) tell you how many multiples of 5mm long it is (so 55mm in this case).

You can now approach your local fastening purveyor with confidence!

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And the pitch identifier?

I'm guessing this would be a 1.0mm (fine) as I can't make a 1.25mm (course) out of the number :huh:


I'd say so, but I haven't worked that bit out myself yet, as there are two "ones"! :lol:

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