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Squeaky brakes?!?

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Hello! This is my first post! Sorry to be asking questions straight off!

I have a 93(mostly) 110 CSW with what is probably a 84 safari top on it. It's a bit rough in places, but seems pretty darned solid so far!

So far I have:

sorted the rear indicators/brake light/reversing light/fog light - mostly due to dodgy earths.

sorted the diff lock light - reconnected the wires to the switch on the side of the gearbox (transfer box?)

fitted a car stereo, aerial, and some speakers

changed the clutch yoke lever thingy (with a bit of help!)

got the doors to lock - including the rear door, which did involve some judicious use of a hammer.

painted the bonnet - partly. Finding Rover Russet Brown has been a bit of an issue!

Main issue at the moment is irritating squeaky brakes - front nearside I reckon. The same brake did bind a bit on a short journey last week - but then seemed to free itself up later in the day.

I have also noticed some oil drips on the inside of the wheel rim - perhaps originating from the middle of the wheel? Perhaps from the wheel bearing? No wheel-bearing whine though, as far as I can hear. There was also no leakage from the brake pipe or from the nipple. I'm not a Landy expert by any means, as you have probably worked out! However, I am fairly mechanically minded and will have a go at pretty much anything.

Thanks in anticipation of any help or advice you may be able to offer,



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Hello and welcome to the forum :)

I can't help too much with your problem because I'm still very green and learning myself, but this is a great place for advice and help so no doubt someone will be able to give you some advice.

I suppose you've looked at the pads to see how worn they are and if the wear is even across the pad? If your brake was binding it could be because the caliper is sticking and may need replacing. There are some great 'How to' guides in the Tech Archive on this forum. It might be worth having a look through.

These may be useful to you:



The second one is for a caliper rebuild but I found it useful just to get to see what they looked like when stripped down and how they work.

hope this helps


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Welcome to the forum,

The oil drips which you can see, if they are from front wheels, most proberly from swivels, these are the big round shiny items (hopefully they are shiny) Most of these leak, they can be serviced, although often its best just to replace with new, cause if they are pitted you wont stop the leaks as the pitted wivels ruin the new seals. Hub oil seals if they have gone tend to leak into the wheel bearings, so when you are checking for grease all they is in there is oil.

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