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A Little CV Advice?

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I don't have parts book! so don't know the numbers!

when i changed my front axle running parts from 10 spline to 24 spline. This is when i found out about the different cv's and what i needed to change. As i also had the wide hub end caps.

Just trying to pass on some info to help you!!

Like i have said before hope this helps!!

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Of course, I hope you didn't think I was disregarding your advice. Not at all :)

I think Red90 has summarised it quite well. I just need to find out if what I want to do above will work. Trouble is finding a 23/10 spline halfshaft, don't seem to be any on eBay :huh:

I should probably phone Kam Diffs in the morning, they may be able to advise me as to whether it's possible or not. Shame I can't afford their stuff really!

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Think one of my friends had them on his truck?? before he uprated them for gkn hardened.

Will call him tomorrow to see if he still has them & let you know!

Thanks. They're part numbers AEU2521 and AEU2520 if that helps. For left and right hand shafts respectively. Should be 23 spline on the CV end and 10 spline the diff end.

James, There is still the offer of sticking the disco axle on there... ;)


It might well come to that Mark, but I'm kinda hoping I can keep it as is...the prospect of an axle swap outside doesn't exactly tempt me. Damn Series III filling the workshop!

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Well that's certainly fair enough, thanks for checking :)

I will give my wanted thread another night's chance and then phone Kam Diffs tomorrow morning, one of the chaps there told me the other day that they might have some lying in their emporium somewhere.

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