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PCV air intake valve


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(3.5 EFI)

Noticed I had oil seeping out of both rocker gaskets. Checked the bolts and they'd all worked loose. Just for safety's sake, fitted new gaskets and put thread seal on the bolts. Short test run and the bolts had worked loose again (re tightened and they seem okay) but now oil is coming out of the small PCV air intake valve at the back of the nearside rocker cover? Took it off and cleaned it out and made sure the hole wasn't blocked up etc.

Oil dripping onto exhaust.....lots of smoke....worried looks......etc.

Why???? Help... :ph34r:

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Hi Deano,

Many thanks for the reply. I took off and cleaned out the two breathers on the rockers, so I know they are clear. What causes the engine to pressurise? The cylinder head gaskets were done about 6 months ago if that makes any difference.

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Have since been told to clean out the tube on the plenum that the hose from the flame trap joins on to. I noticed mine was full of gunk, will give it a go and keep you posted.



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Tube in the plenum that the flame trap pipe joins on to was rock solid with cr*p!

Cleaned it out and engine runs a LOT nicer and smoother and doesn't spray oil out of everywhere!

Phew.... :rolleyes:

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