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LR Diagnostic systems


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Any body got any feedback on LR Diagnostic systems, such as Rovacom, Autologic, Lucas, or any others.

It has to cover ALL models right up to and including 2006 and the future. Our local thieves (aka LR distrubutor) are so helpful. They charge for telling you what the problem is but will only clear errors or reset suspension heights etc, if the repairs are done by them!!

Any help or suggestions gratefully received.


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My mate has just got Rovacom lite and he is well happy

He got

all freelanders

Rang Rover Classics's

RR 38a all

Disco 2 all

There is some stuff in that lot the he didn't bother with as it was not needed for UK cars.

it cost him about £6k ish + VAT

he does not do any new stuff so no D3 or RR3 but it is available

He got it From Beamach

It will do anything the LR stuff will just does not have a trolly and rubber case :)

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It has to cover ALL models right up to and including 2006 and the future.

If you REALLY mean that then you have to buy the Land Rover system from their suppliers.

Try http://www.interro.com/cat/catalog802.htm for starters.

http://www.omitec.com/ is the UK site (They are a UK company, IIRC).

Either of the independants, Blackbox Solutions (Rovacom), or Autologic will be behind the Omitec stuff.

Reputedly, Autologic 'copy' (unofficially) the Omitec release, so may be quicker than Blackbox to to cover new LRs, but they (reputedly) cannot offer any facilities that the official kit does not.

Blackbox break the security in all the ECU software, with the avowed aim of offering the user any and every facility hidden in there by the ECU manufacturer. This CAN include facilities that LR don't want offered to their technicians, and even facilities LR haven't licenced from the ECU manufacturer, but have left in there.

Whether these facilities are of any use to you is another matter. You won't know what they are until the software module is released.

To get more specific information you need to ask Blackbox directly. They don't list the unofficial facilities within each module.

Hope this helps.

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