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Electrical problem: don't know what else to try!

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I recently had a small accident with my Defender 110 Td5 of 1999 that damaged all the rear right lights.

I could fix all except the turn signal. The shock caused a short circuit in that lamp connector that made the alarm system go crazy and inmobilized the engine shortly after the accident. I eliminated the shortcircuit, replaced some fuses and solved the alarm/engine problem.

BUT I realized that now none of the turn signals work (not only the rear right one). Moreover, the fuel gauge, the coolant temperature gauge and the speedometer don't work. All these elements have in common the white-green cable.

I have checked all the fuses and they are ok. Now the cables going to the rear right turn light (white-green and black) are not connected to anything as I haven't put the new lamp yet.

I use the truck everyday and I cannot drive on main roads without side lights, so I would really appreciate your help.

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I'm not a Defender type person, but the wiring connector for the Trailer socket is often in the Right Rear corner. Has this connector or it's wiring been damaged or trapped in any way?

Mainly you mention indicators, but your last comment refers to side lights. Are both indicators and side lights out of action? If the side lights don't work, do the Headlights?

You might like to look again at the wiring colours you mention.

Looking in the Electrical Manual (courtesy of RAVE) the passenger Compartment Fuse box uses White/Green as the feed from several fuses.

The RH Indicator uses Green/White as it's colour coding.

Scope for confusion.

Good Luck.

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