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I want to lift my 110 Td5 about 2 or 3 inches.

What Flavour should i go for. I know i definatley DO NOT want britpart.

Thinking maybe either Gwen Lewis or Bearmach Blue. Im going to fit the Tuffback shocks as ive been told they are one of the strongest.

Is this true or is there a better option that im not thinking of?

Also will i need to change my props if i go to 3 inches?

Please help

Thanks Danny

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With anything over 2", to do the job properly you will want to look into extended brake hoses, castor corrected rad arms, longer shocks and wide yolk props. Dropped shock mounts.

2-3 inches is a gray area really as depending on what you have set up previously and how you run the vehicle can have a bearing on what extent of bits you need to change out - and how you want to run the vehicle in the future i.e. purely offroad/bit of both/on road just to look "cool".

If you're intending on doing axle twisting offroad stuff, then you might want to look at dislocation cones as well and rear axle check straps too.

I'll 2nd the terrafirma gear too, got some bits from them.


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And I'll 3rd the Terrafirma stuff too!

Also other things to bear in mind are- vehicle load weights, whether it'l be carrying a heavy load often and will need a heavier spring rate or if its primarily for offroad then go for a lighter spring rate for better articulation/comfort.

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