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Pedal lock

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There was a thread in the international forum about those recently - i cant find it at the mo, but they got a favourable response from most. I thought i might have a crack at making my own to give me some practice with the welder.

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I've used a Clutch Claw for several years now and really like it, I think that where it beats something like the pedel lock is the ease in which it is used. Is is easily stored behind the cubby-box and can be fitted without the need for a key in a matter of seconds, I fit my CC every time I leave the vehicle (apart from paying for fuel or popping in to buy a paper) whereas the shear bulk of the pedel lock may make you leave it until you park up for a long period and that could be when the scum strike. Don't get me wrong, I am sure it is a fine piece of kit and a real deterrant but if you can't always be bothered to fit it then it is no deterrant at all. Worth bearing in mind?

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