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rusper,play day

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I don't know that many - apart from Gotwick - but that shut years ago now, and that site was brilliant - every month I was there, as I was a marshall. but bril site. It advertised in the paper as off road tyres only - do you?

Gotwick Wood is still open - if you have got a quad. :P Not big enough for that either!


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I'll let you into a little secret on this one - you PM'd me with that very comment - I didn't just make it up. I go on what I know for sure. Some people lie in arguments/discussions some don't, and I assure you I don't (most of the time smile.gif )

Also - that is all you (BandL) and Fairys1 do on this forum - I have not seen much else from you two. Infact Fairys1 has only appeared on this part of the forum - which is advertising your small site. Is that alloud on this forum - I thought 20posts min to advertise...... ????

you were invited to prove your claim against me by sending by return PM (to me) the pm that I sent to you,,

I recieved a pm informing me it was deleted. let me refresh your memory, my pm said that your experiance of rusper site did not reflect the oppinion of others....

it did not state, we assume because a few people say they liked the site that every one should...

your statement (quote)

I'll let you into a little secret on this one - you PM'd me with that very comment - I didn't just make it up. I go on what I know for sure. Some people lie in arguments/discussions some don't, and I assure you I don't (end quote)

I ask you to stick to the truth especialy in light of your above (quoted) statement

Any further misstruths you feel the need to write would be best done by pm or just not...!

<_< for anyone interested, my post stats show the ....truth.!!! 69 posts with 72% of my posts in other sections. well above the 20 post limit ---


"You need 20 posts or more to place an ad in classifieds (but you can still reply to ads if you have less), this is to stop scams and people who sell but don't post.

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot sell V5's, and/or chassis Plate (VIN) on this forum from another vehicle...Period!

Oh by the way to quote a 90's dance band "Theres No Limit"!


ps :)

thank you to those who have enjoyed Rusper, we will keep trying to improve and learn although we accept some will never be pleased....

I recall the tale of a kid who took a hammer to his pushbike because it was not fast enough :blink:

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Must be road legal? May I quote Fairy1?

only noise wise,hope this helps

So, must it be road legal or just quiet enough to be road legal? Can you guys sing from the same hymn sheet on this one please?

What about quads? Do they have to be road legal too? Most are not registered, insured, taxed, MOTd etc... Although I know plenty that are!


Hi Chris, I will try to explain.

28x4 has advertised in the Friday adds (Public adds need to cater for all levels) as follows:

4X4 OFF ROAD fun day & Quad Play Day 10am to 4pm 1st/3rd Sunday of the month 50 Acres woodland with: Gullies, Winch Areas, mud Bog, 20 Ft Deep Ravine. £25 entry, Wheel Wash £2. Regular Event If We Behave Responsibly, So please Ensure Your Vehicle Is Road Legal Inc Exhaust Noise, No Damage To Trees, Strops Must Be Used. No Dumper Tyres. arrive / Leave The Site With Due Consideration For Locals. Look for 28x4 signs. Dial Post Prk, Horsham Road, Rusper RH12 4QX..

The road legal aspect is to overcome several different issues but in the main it is because mot'd vehicles normally have good tyres, exhaust, brakes, chassis and panels. and this in turn help to achieve a safer day for all including any one on foot.

Having said that we will allow Vehicles on trailers without doc's if it has working brakes a sound chassis and a reasonably quiet exhaust as one of the issues that could close the site is noise.

"so only noise wise, hope this helps" applies to trailered vehicles that will still need to be sound for the safety

of everyone...

I am sorry for not explaining that in full before, and will ensure that when the web site is built all vital info is included.

With regard to the Quads, this is being run by Muddy trax (from Slindon) who have a good team that also apply safety regs.



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Please explain fairys1 then... (as the starter of two topics on this forum both about selling the site to punters - going by what happened to other forumeers it shouldn't be aloud)

approx 10 message.

second thoughts don't explain it.. I don't give two hoots.

but still you have blown all of this way out of proportion,

the reason it was deleted was because I was bored of the conversation.

I hope Rusper works for you.

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Pigster, having been to the 1st & 2nd events at Rusper I would agree about needing a winch - when very wet.

And no one I know has been back since the 2 hour wait at the gate to clean the wheels fiasco.

However I have had a fair number of people since, say; they are interested in going to Rusper in the summer (dry) like now, so when is the next meeting, hopefully we'll see you all there.


Kent LRC.

Twin Axle.com

South London LRC.

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