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Help please, How do i get it off

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Any ideas how to get the transfer box off the back of a defender gearbox

I've removed everything attached to it

I've removed the 4 bolts from the rear, and the two bolts from the front

But it will not move at all, not even a mm

I've been trying for over an hour now and it will not budge

Is there a trick to getting it off ?

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what gear are you in?

try putting the transfer box in neutral, or moving it in and out of the gears

have you released the hand brake- could have bound on maybe?

i reckon you would have a bit of difficulty getting it off anyway (i did last imte i took an LT230 off a 5-speed box- can't remember which one it was)- try rotating the input shafts to free up the movement.

what are you taking off what anyway?

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