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2011 Freelander 2 2WD?!


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The 2WD Land Rover debate has been rumbling on the Land Rover Our Planet facebook page again, since there was a link posted that unveiled the new Freelander 2. Apparently, it's going to be available in 2WD for those that want it. It doesn't mean they're doing away with the 4WD and a lot of people need reminded that there have been 2WD Landies in the past without sending our favourite green oval to hell in a hand basket. Or have they?

Without turning this into too much of an argument about CO2 emissions melting the ice caps, who reckons that a more efficient 2WD option is a valuable addition to the line and who thinks, as someone put it, a 2WD Landy is as authentic as alcohol free lager?

Here's the facebook page if you're that way inclined: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=4951625&fbid=440712593960&id=753808960#!/Landroverourplanet?ref=ts

And here's the article link that was on there: http://www.landroverourplanet.co.uk/the-2011-freelander-2-embracing-efficient-technologies/

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I wouldn't want a two wheel drive Land Rover. But clearly some people will, especially people in less traditional target markets.

I have been known to drink alcohol free beer.

I'm not going to loose any sleep on either product.



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This is slightly old news, the Evoque thingy is also going to be available in 2WD and the FL was always supposed to drive like a normal FWD car on the road.

Then again, very few seem to have noticed that the FL2 now runs in 2WD and only engages the back end via a Haldex clutch when it senses a loss of traction.

I've done 30,000 miles plus in my FL1 with only the front wheels driving, it's a great little car.

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