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A bit scary really......

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PS I also bought Gon2Fars cones too

Outdated then ;):P

Not G2F anymore.... now WhitePeakEngineering sold through QT :ph34r:

(Pedantic mod off) ;):P

What I also said was there are people who buy "something" cos its the "must have" bit, and they have no thought nor idea what it will / won't do mismatched with what they have / don't have....

Very true... unfortunately there are loads of Land Rover suppliers who would simply take the punters money, and not actually sell them kit that works….

But then as stated there are people who see kit in the glossy comics and think... I need that... without having a clue what it's actually for.

It get's me the number of people who fit 2" lift kits (and make their LR's handle C***) just because it looks good... and makes it look like an off roader.

So it's 50 of one, 50 of another.

Not every body has the time, interest, equipment and know-how to fabricate their own suspension components. People like Gwyn Lewis, Andy at WhitePeak, Simon at X-Eng, Simon at Devon 4x4 etc put a lot of engineering effort and research into their systems turning out very well engineered and competent solutions. What's wrong with someone buying components or a complete system from them?

As an off the shelf kit, I’m more than happy with mine….

And it’s not that I couldn’t make my own (especially with the kit I have at work), but it’s all about being bothered. :ph34r::wacko:

Plus the fact, as Nige pointed out, some of the bits – for the price – are not worth making.


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Er Yep.

I posted it...then was reading it and saw the error, so I altered it, meantime "Mrs Smartypants-too-fQuickOffthemark-Tombwriter" had posted :blush:

Guilty as charged M'lady

Nige :ph34r: :ninja:

you COULD have got away with it Nige!

thought I had read it wrong when G posted his reply!!!!

still now you have owned up....

"TONK!!!!!!!!!!!! (BIG MOUTH FULLY ENGAGED!!!!) :hysterical::hysterical::hysterical::hysterical:

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David (LLama4x4), its good to see a supplier considering what a customer needs and not just taking the cash. Those +5.5" shocks, do you have the dimensions base of pin to base of pin compressed and extended?

From base of stud to base of stud they measure: 27" extended / 15.5" compressed

Hope that info is of some help to you... I am just waiting for news from the factory that they have been dispatched to the docks and I will be able to give a much better idea of when I will have them..



could you give us a link to the spec sheet when you have it and indication of price.


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could you give us a link to the spec sheet when you have it and indication of price.


My spec sheet came to me as a .pdf with an email but to be fair the LR shocks are not on their spec sheet as they don'tmake them as such - they are making the LR specifically for me.

The price will be £39.95 each including shock, boot and poly bushes......


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