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TD5 Starter Motor Removal


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Hi all,

Tried to remove the starter motor a few weeks ago but couldn't get the top bolt out. I was away from home so didn't try for long, but the only way I could see was with some sort of "special tool" or removing the inlet manifoild etc.

I don't fancy removing the inlet manifold so...is there something I'm missing?

I think the bolt is 15mm (head size). I've tried a mixture of extensions and knuckles etc but just can't get it.

Any tips?

I now have a solenoid repair kit (as from a search on the forum), and while I read it's possible to change without removing the starter, this has bugged me! Also I'm not confident I'll be able to see enough to change the contacts on the vehicle.

Cheers, Martin

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Thanks Les. Did try from underneath, but maybe my 1/2" drive is a bit too big. Will borrow a 3/8 and try again. I don't mind faffing around some more if I know it is possible, but you know how it gets when you start to wonder if you're wasting your time :ph34r:

Cheers, Martin

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Just replaced my starter motor on Disco TD5. Here's what I did ! (Start by removing the 2 electrical connections/disconnecting battery)

1. You will need a 3/8 ratchet socket with 15mm socket and 6inch extension bar. Don't buy a dear one! I brought this one from Argos for £14.99 which worked perfectly http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Produc...SOCKET+SET.htm

2. Put 15mm socket onto 6inch extension bar.

3. Working from below the starter and laying at approx 45 degree angle locate the nut with your left fingers then feed the socket + extension bar to it. Slide the socket on. Once it's on it shouldn't come off (tight fit). I shone a light through from above the engine which helped.

4. You will now be able to attach the ratchet to the extension bar. Do it so the ratchet is upside down - that gives you plenty of room to play with.

5. Undo the nut - it wasn't overly tight on mine. One thing to remember, the nut wont come fully off because the socket wedges against the starter. This is not a problem, when it feels very loose then leave it.

6. Undo the remaining 2 bolts (13mm and may need a good tug). The starter motor will now slide off.

Hope this personal experience helps! Good luck with it!

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Just managed to remove the starter motor from my defender 110, tried following the instructions above only discovered after a lot of mucking about that the top nut is a 17mm not 15mm as stated above for a discovery. Also I managed to get the socket and extender onto the nut from above then dived under to put the ratchet on and undo it. As my nut was a nyloc one needed the ratchet to undo all the way.

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