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  1. New Series - RR Heavy

    You said something at the end there (if I caught it right) that sounded like you were worried about popularity ? and whether the content was to blame .... just keep going, you’re doing a great job.
  2. Squealing fan belt

    Do you have any photos to show what you have?
  3. Unfortunately I sprayed the inside of the garage wall, the inside of the door, and half a work bench covered with stuff 😯
  4. What's it worth? Clean TD5 + R380 with paperwork

    If your mate doesn’t want it and you’d split it I’d buy the engine ! I think they are going for quite strong money - especially the 15p motors.
  5. Quick Q -electrical connectors/crimps

    Could you share the link on Amazon please ?
  6. Bent steering rod

    I get that it shifts the point of weakness - but I’m trying to get my head around what the relative component strengths are....so whether in the vast majority of situations the HD bars don’t bend and the impacts are still low enough that the rest of the set up can cope with it. I fitted mine on the basis that in the laning I’ve been involved with I’ve seen standard bars bent, which haven’t been easy to straighten in situ in most of those occasions, but on those with HD bars I’ve never seen a ball joint or swivel break. So I’d assumed that the failure point of the standard bars was such big distance from that of the rest of the components that I could safely operate in that space... if that makes better sense!?
  7. Bent steering rod

    Is their not wide margin there though ? Where the original bar would have bent a very long way before a track rod or housing would break?
  8. Newbury/Sudbury sortout

    For some reason that makes me think of stolen stuff .. 😕 How legit can they be if they aren’t clued up to the price AND have no reason to hold onto it?
  9. Newbury/Sudbury sortout

    I wish it wasn’t a 7 hour round trip so I could come and say hello - try out the secret handshake 🤝
  10. Car restoration. Where do you draw the line?

    I thought you were just tight ! 😀
  11. Does anyone know the part number for the Series 2,2a,3 military fuel filler/filter tube ? its the one that fits with 3 prongs ..
  12. Look what I brought home last night ..

    Not a great deal of progress recently - and not many pictures ... A few of us were looking at the Glenn Coyne alternator kit that’s going on it and we noticed there was play in the front pulley .. it turned out the bolt thread was damaged and it had stopped the bolt going all the way in - tightening up just before it had fully gripped the pulley. This meant the damper could knock on the keyway - and with use has worn a rather huge slot in the damper keyway: Quite remarkable ! Taking it off showed that the front crank seal must have hardened in storage and was leaking - so that was replaced along with a new belt. For the price of it - and for the time it’s sat it makes sense to swap it out. Water pump looks brand new which was a positive. heres the new Bearmach damper - which is quite a good price (a bargain compared to the price of the one I replaced on my Td5) and good quality: Heres the front end all buttoned up again and with the Glenn Coyne alternator kit half fitted: Obviously tons to do. I think the immediate next jobs are: - getting the tubeless rims I bought blasted and painted and fitted with my new tyres. - I’ve replaced the home made tank it came with - so I’m sourcing a cap and all the fittings for that too. - the bulkhead has been blasted and is looking a bit scary - but i’m getting help with it though. I’ll keep sharing - it’s just slowed down a bit.
  13. V8 Limited Edition Defender to celebrate 70th Anniversary

    Yes - he says they have got the DSC working on it . I was surprised - as at first I thought it was just an engine swap and a tart up.
  14. Making exhaust studs

    Something like these any good?: http://www.adl-components.co.uk/5x-bmw--ford-exhaust-manifold-stud-bolt-m8-x-58mm-11122343030-car--motorbike-3592-p.asp Here they are on eBay: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F323003557443
  15. Making exhaust studs

    Both Brass and Copper get used - but I seem to have only come across classic cars using brass?. If the studs are a standard M8 pitch, can you not buy a generic stud and nut kit? Even if you have to cut them down?