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  1. Yes - I linked to one above too.
  2. I’d agree - I’ve had truly amazing service from them and their quality is top notch. I’ve seen a lot of their kit on Series 1’s and it’s all been superb. Conversely - I’ve seen a couple of exmoor hoods rot in just a few years on two vehicles and another one where things like the buckles had been put on incorrectly.
  3. I like Steve B’s idea 💡 The one in the picture has no bowl, but I would think if you bought the generic bowl type (along with a couple of halogen lights) then you would be able to make something work. it looks as simple as your grill panel having integrated front rims, behind that you would think you’d have a number of options for fitting it in and adjusting it.
  4. They came and seem really nice 👍🏻 It doesn’t say Fuel - but it does say brushless. More than enough for what I need though I think.
  5. I’m not sure where is open? - but I’d go with UnderCover Covers over Exmoor Trim. Fabulous quality stuff. UnderCover Covers is their Land Rover trading name - where I think they use this name for their Military Contracts: http://www.comptons2000.co.uk
  6. Perhaps I should get my coat 🧥
  7. Just like there is no sign of Land Rover on here at all ! Madness !
  8. For the Farmer, The Countryman, and General industrial use.
  9. I would think the easiest route would be to simply replace the side panels and sell yours on....
  10. Out of interest ... how did you get on with it ?
  11. In a normal garage a couple of 20w ones would be probably be plenty bright enough - and they are cheap as chips: https://cpc.farnell.com/w/c/electrical-lighting/lighting/outdoor-lighting/floodlights/prl/results?st=Tac &sort=P_PRICE
  12. That’s interesting Ed 🤔 I was in my garage today thinking the light from my fluorescent tunes was a bit carp, and having fitted an LED outside light at the back of the house, found myself thinking there must be something better than this.
  13. If you lost all the thread I think you would have been able to just pull/knock it in. I’ve seen them drilled out 14mm which will only take a fraction more than the threads out. If the threads are there though - I think it’s enough to stop it going in. 9/16 BSF tapping drill size is 1/2” - so under 13mm
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