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  1. 36 splined steering wheel

    Which type would you like? And what kind of condition would you like?
  2. Assault helmet

  3. Assault helmet

    Honestly ! I’m a Land Rover mechanic 👨‍🔧😱😂
  4. Help for a weld on bracket please!

    I’m thinking something like this welded to the top of the crossmember:
  5. Help for a weld on bracket please!

    I meant to start my reply by saying ‘Thank you everyone for replying and making suggestions’ - Thank you! Her is a link to what someone did on an 86”. http://www.teeafit.co.uk/seatbelts/ they did them as clamps and it looks like the bolted one end of the belt directly to the top of their clamp. I’d want to bolt both ends of each of the 3 belts to a bar that sits under the whole thing. i haven’t had chance to check whether the crossmember aligns the same on an 80” as it does here on an 80” Maybe the solution to this is a simple folded bracket like the one that sits under a spring plate, that I can bolt a small frame to once it’s in....
  6. Help for a weld on bracket please!

    I wanted to put them in the front ... .....I won’t use side facing. I own one and rent two ! £69 a year 👍🏻 That’s exactly where I am at with it - plus to fit a 3 point belt I’d need a roll bar and I’d still need to have some tie in to the chassis to secure two of the three belt points. I’ll think on that. The main down side is if I am best mounting off the top it wouldn’t be an easy ask to drill out the depth of the crossmember and put 4 crush tubes in it, besides being deep it has a seem along the bottom edge and the curves for the PTO hole.
  7. I’ve booked the chassis to go inro paint at the end of next week and suddenly thought - I should weld some brackets on first so I can fit lap belts... The UK law for children over 3 in classic cars with seat belts are that they can only travel in the back, and where there are no seats in the back - they can’t travel. So I’d like to fit some lap belts. the thinking is that if I put a couple of brackets on the crossmember that sits along the back edge of the seat box - then I can bolt a frame to it that puts a piece of flat bar along the back edge of the seat box to bolt the lapbelts too. Here’s a picture and drawing that shows the crossmember: With not having much time though I first thought of two bit so of angle with a pair of M10 size holes in them, welded vertically on the front face. Then I wondered if there was any ready made brackets I could buy and repurpose - from someone like YRM. I’d welcome anyone’s input and suggestions?
  8. V8 Limited Edition Defender to celebrate 70th Anniversary

    How will they be registered if they are ‘re-engineered’ - will there be more than one name on the V5? 😳
  9. Winches for series

    And they’re a fortune now it seems .... plus I’d probably lose a finger. I think t also helps to have two people - one to steer and one to work the winch?
  10. Winches for series

    Oooo - that all sounds interesting! Excuse my ignorance though - what does the Pierce look like? Is it an electric drum winch ? Or something else? Not sure I’ve ever seen one. Thank you for replying chaps!
  11. There is quite a demand for those lights through the grill panels and grills ! 😊 Thank goodness you’re not chopping it up.
  12. D5 - fixed!

    Caveated that I recognise that my taste is no more valid than anyone else’s - I’m really not keen on the whole Land Rover range now. For me, part of Land Rovers identity has been how aesthetics were secondary to function - making the most capable 4x4 vehicles seemed to be the soul of the company, and for very sound commercial reasons they have moved away from that. I like change and technology - for instance I’m interested in the whole Tesla thing despite still believing that the smell of 2-stroke would be my dream aftershave. I read a quote from Jerry McGovern where he said he’d got the internal structure changed - that Styling used to report to Engineering, and now its the other way around. That for me sums up the change - it literally is now style over substance. The heart of the company has changed and the new direction doesn’t resonate with me. It’s too strong to say I find it neither useful or beautiful, it would have use as a big family car - but the aesthetics I find so grim that I wouldn’t choose it. I’m not keen on the roof chop look, they seem to have lost their elegance, and maybe because of some of the customer demographic around here - they seem rather synonymous with ‘look - I’m rich’ - which interestingly is what JLR’s staff training said RR range is all about. There it’s off my chest.
  13. ibex 300 build

    It looks close ...........😊
  14. Turbo upgrade

    When you push the pedal down it pulls a cable / or rod that pulls a lever on the injection pump. I’d when the pedal is flat to the floor the lever could still travel further ... then you aren’t getting full throttle. hows that ?