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  1. I got an agreed value from Heritage - I sent them a link to an online book I’d made documenting the restoration. I picked a figure and they just came back saying ok, no problem. Picking the number was difficult - at the time 80”’s were going crazy - but that felt artificial and some of the ones at really high prices weren’t moving. Then you’ve got the - how much to do it again valuation, which is usually way more than the value of the car … but with 80’s at that time it probably wasn’t. I ended up asking for what just seemed reasonable 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Those IFP’s look a very nice thing ! Fox make nice motorcycle shocks - I’ve used them, and Ohlins that Stephen has mentioned. A high spec rear shock for a motorcycle is about £600 - so the same as a full set of those IFP’s.
  3. Doug’s message above was the first negatives I’ve heard on the OME shocks, and don’t they have a 3 year warranty on them?
  4. Is there not a way to wire the Td5 gauge to read from a normal sender instead of the ECU? Isn’t that what was done on the 300tdi ROW spec vehicles?
  5. Ooo exciting - tell us what it’s like please !
  6. Was that the Nitrocharger ones ? I think they are supposed to be stiffer or have more rebound. I ask because I had the older OME shocks on my 90 with the 3 link front end and they were fantastic off road.
  7. If you fancy a visitor when you go to Stockton on Tees let me know 😊
  8. I was going to say something similar / but thought it might go awry.
  9. It looks like the Ashcroft 0.9 gear set is just for the Cummins ZF box ? https://www.ashcroft-transmissions.co.uk/0-900-gear-set.html It’s also £500 more than their 1.003 gear set. https://www.ashcroft-transmissions.co.uk/lt230-ratio-changes/1-003-gear-set.html I rather like Doug’s suggestion - 1.003:1 lt230 with an overdrive - if you put a Roamerdrive on there you could split all the gears. Plus with Mog axles it would be fun to have loads of levers 🙂
  10. My local hydraulic hose place made up nice lines for me some years back - and it wasn’t dear, might be worth asking yours ?
  11. I don’t know if it’s my age - but I find a lot of things unwatchable
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