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  1. This is a bit random - but I love this ! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BEDFORD-HA-VIVA-CAMPER-VAN-DORMOBILE-PARTS-PROJECT-/255013253872?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  2. oh yes .. 😯 I just read ‘discovery’ and thought they were those ones that looked similar but were lighter weight. 🤪 Looks like you are good to go there Stephen !
  3. I think I get that - so if in a corner one wheel reads 50mph and the other 30mph - the speedo would read 40mph - because the speed is divided by the two. Therefore if one wheel is immobile the speedo would indicate twice speed. I guess that’s why when an open diff gets stuck - the wheel that spins, spins so fast? On that basis then - I wonder why they seem to insist on pushing it to get the cable rotations? Say I needed how many cable turns to 10 wheel rotations- then it seems that if one wheel was locked and I turned the other wheel 20 rotations….. I’d get the right number ?
  4. I got it backwards then … so if you lock one wheel so it doesn’t turn, the other wheel goes double speed?
  5. I can get my mechanical speedo recalibrated if I can provide the number of rotations of the cable for a given number of rotations of the wheels. The method suggested is not to drive it, not to Jack it up, and only to push it. If I jacked up one back wheel - would it not turn the speedo cable at twice road speed? And this give the same info but be a lot easier to do?
  6. If not I will have 5 boosts free before too long ?
  7. Have you looked at the Glenn Coyne pages? He had info on the DI conversion on his website. His Manifold adaptions are on this page: https://www.glencoyne.co.uk/200di3.htm
  8. Thanks Mo - that’s helpful. So I could do what I wanted with two switches … on/on switching the accessory live between either +ve side of the VSR … and on/off on the VSR earth 🙂 It would be nice if I could find one switch to do that … but I’m struggling to find an on/on above just a handful of Amps..
  9. One thing I didn’t get, or didn’t sink in from this, is : I assume a VSR will open/connect even where there is nothing connected to the 2nd battery side? If that’s so - I’m not sure how I can elegantly make accessories switch which battery they use : ie using the main battery when the leisure isn’t connected, wether the engine is running or not.
  10. I’m on with this now and after reading the SB 50 specs noticed something relevant here: they are UL rated to 120A - and 50A hot plugging. So as long as I’m not plugging them in with a big live load - they should be fine for the 65A rating of my alternator.
  11. Good progress and patience 🙂 What’s the plan for it post welding? and once all done is everything in place to bolt it to the light weight and get some props made ?
  12. I’d like an electric winch for my 80 - that would do nicely ! 😆
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