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  1. Where is the lever on them ? Not on the tunnel like a fairey ?
  2. I’ve heard tons of positive things on them / but I also heard of some where I think it was the bearings had failed and trashed the transfer box. It made me stop and think when I was looking.
  3. Hardly ! It being auto was my only disappointment- so if that’s selectable and we can have 16 forward gears; well that sounds pretty good 😊
  4. I had one - not sure on comparative strength, they seem to be sold under having a great range of movement and the grease point.
  5. I was on that too I think ! Maybe it’s all going to my junk folder .... hmm. ....but more importantly - I wonder how representative that view in the back was ? It looked cavernous. Did they tell us it would come with axle lockers?
  6. It is ! So the auto has a manual override 😊 Does that mean we get an 8 speed sequential manual option ?!
  7. It would be pretty immaterial to me in truth. I just feel that admiring and enjoying something is independent of where it’s made.
  8. @Geojake That’s outstanding ! Can I ask which actuators they are please? and what did you use for a fob?
  9. I’ve wondered this - the rear door lock on my defender has central locking, it looks like they could all be transferred to a drivers door, and I’d wondered if I could replicate onto a passenger lock.
  10. Having read the Ineos and the new defender threads: Indulge me folks - I’m interested in what we think the state of the 4x4 world is. So I’ll ask a ridiculous question ....Thinking of the type of journeys that built Land Rovers reputation.... Imagine you are in the market for an off road vehicle - that had to be brand new; which one would you buy to: A. Get an aid worker to a remote outback/steppes type location. B. Get a scientist around Kamchatka- with all its mountains, volcanoes, and glaciers C. Re-Launch the Camel Trophy ...
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