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  1. I had a tear like that on mine and took it to a local car upholsterer and they repaired it so you’d never know - they also put some padding on the frame to stop it happening again.
  2. Does this help ? https://www.exmoortrim.co.uk/two-seat-retrim-kit.html You can select the different trim names and look at what they are...
  3. I just started mine in the garage and left it running for 20 mins - and I got 50 at cold idle and 25 when it was warm.
  4. Hmm 🤔. I never drive on road like that - but certain off road routes I do drive off the torque at tick over. On the Td5 with anti stall and on the tdi too - seems I need rethink that. What are the recommended oil pressures for the Tdi? I got this from somewhere, but don’t know if it’s right: Cold idle 29 to 43 psi 2000 rpm 58 psi plus Hot idle 18 psi 2000 rpm 32 psi
  5. You wouldn’t want to be paying this postage .... but at least you can see if it will fit: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/232374127204
  6. Even on a short span like that ?
  7. Blimey - I thought you’d be using 3mm hardboard or something !
  8. How will you hold in the lift insulation? Board it over? and if boards will you use a lighter one?
  9. Crikey - one of those comments said their engine was 30mm further forward ...😮
  10. Googling now just brought some tests done of Bluetooth vs AirPlay - Bluetooth was the more efficient....
  11. I’ve been thinking of a chargeable speaker on the basis I could use it in the garage, as an ICE set up in the 80”, and for when we go camping.
  12. Well .... a concrete base and electrics are going to cost whatever they do - beyond that though you’ve got good quality doors and windows, insulation, good lighting, lots of sockets, lots and lots of floor space, and tons of headroom - so in real terms; I think there is no comparison to a prefab garage. Good investment in my mind ! and I look forward to that 110 flying together 😊
  13. You can get very thick polycarbonate clear panels cut to size? https://www.theglazingshop.co.uk/multiwall-polycarbonate-sheets-sheeting.html
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