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  1. That’s a pretty carp advert don’t you think ?
  2. Well done on surviving that !! That ‘no brakes’ realisation is grim ...
  3. Mine knocked and it was the damper - and I could reproduce it simply by rocking / rotating it from one direction to another with the belt off ....
  4. Wow - thank you James, that would be wonderful.
  5. Hi Nonimouse - I missed your reply! Not sure how to get it picked up, but that sound fantastic.... Stephen
  6. I don’t think you can underestimate the high degree of technical lock in they have, nor how the way they have procured their stuff over time has shrunk the market.
  7. I think they look better than 8 spokes would - it’s looking good.
  8. I thought there’d been a new one then!
  9. The airtop in my 80” is about 7000 BTU I think, and albeit in a small space, that’s hot enough to dry wet clothes, burn your hand, and find I have a dry mouth when my daughter has secretly turned it up a notch.
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