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Fuel filter change.


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‘91 2.5 NA 90. Decided to change fuel filter and clean sedimentor, all was well until I tried to bleed the system, cranked the engine over a couple of times to get the lift pump manual lever to pump, which it did for a few strokes, but then no resistance or air/fuel being moved. No matter how many times I cranked the engine or turned it with a wrench on the crankshaft pulley bolt I couldn’t get the lever to pump. Finished the job by cranking the engine over which pushed air into the injectors (never thought to disconnect the fuel cut off !!) so it turned into an even bigger job. Finally got it bled and is running sweet. Lever still not giving any resistance.

So, why couldn’t I get the lever to work, will I be needing a replacement lift pump although its working fine with the engine running?

About time I invested in a socket instead of stilsons. What’s the size of the crankshaft bolt please?


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It sounds like the primer lever side of the lift pump has failed - this is a very common occurrence. The pump itself may still be working fine, so I wouldn't worry about it.


Thanks Les, I was worried incase the pump would let me down, I can live with no priming lever. Thanks for the crankshaft bolt size too, never looked/thought to look in toolsizes for specific jobs, more light reading for a raining night !!

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