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rear spring for RRC ???


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I´ve put the Rear springs to the front, removed the Boge unit and use Disco1 H/D springs on the rear.

The car sits almost level .. well the rear sags a little (1-2cm).

The ride is fine, but the springs shouldn´t be any stiffer when there is no load in the rear.

A bit annoying is, that the rear sags-sags. Today I carried 400kg and there were 1.5" of travel left, at best 2". The rear tires almost shied away into the rear arches :) While 400kg is a considerable load, it is not at all unrealistic. I could imagine to have that much with me on overland trips or as an offroad-taxi for 4-5 considerable adults ;).

Do you have an idea what spring might a) withstand the load better without b) being stiffer when the RRC is unloaded and c) retain the lift that the Disco1-H/D springs give with d) optimally adding 1/2-1" of lift to it and, if possible e) being a original LR-spring (not too important, but I like their quality) ???

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