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  1. Won't make it this year, other plans and the car needs some work Will no doubt be back next year though!
  2. Weight of rolling chassis

    Why the sigh? I'm just offering an explanation. I've had my P38 on a weighbridge a few times when taking out scrap, can't remember exact figures. But it does happen, probably more often than you think.
  3. Weight of rolling chassis

    Is the chassis full of mud?
  4. 300tdi odd belt wear?

    Pretty much, yeah. So much overheating. Never noticed the belt squeaking. I replaced the idler pulley at some point, that was squeaking a bit.
  5. 300tdi odd belt wear?

    I had many problems with my 300TDi, but the belt wasn't one of them as far as I can recall.
  6. MOT advisory, WATCH OUT !

    If they are, you've got bigger issues than your track...
  7. 300tdi odd belt wear?

    Is there a seized pulley somewhere? Looks to me like it's slipping and wearing.
  8. MOT advisory, WATCH OUT !

    Tracking can also be set fairly easily by just measuring from wheel to wheel on both sides, if need be.
  9. Hawkeye Discovery 1

    Potentially ABS?
  10. P38 Electronics Gurus - help need

    And if that's fine, check the connector behind the kick panel, it has a tendency to corrode if there's any water ingress.
  11. P38 Electronics Gurus - help need

    Check the grounds to the GEMS ECU. Is it only the GEMS you can't connect to, or also the ABS?
  12. New Member Logos !!!!!

  13. D4 towing electrics

    Looks like the loom is available and should just plug in. Annoying that it's all apparently the same part number though :/
  14. Sounds like you found the problem, slipping belt = no water pump and no fan. That'll overheat in a hurry. Oh, and the little plate on the throttle body can just be bypassed, you only need it if you plan on driving in really cold climates.
  15. The radiator should feel pretty cold then. I'd agree with Bowie, more likely to be another issue than head gaskets, but it's always a possibility.