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  1. Yeah, that's about when I stopped following. About as done as Ross'
  2. The 980mm I have already bows quite a bit, so I definitely wouldn't go wider without supporting it. But I'm sure that's not really a problem on a carport.
  3. I should read up on it, it's been ages since I was following along.
  4. Found it, was less than I remember. €15.15/m², from: https://www.hmg-benelux-shop.com/polycarbonaat-kanaalplaat-16-mm-breedte-980-mm-glashelder-novalite-3516pcnl98.html (Site is in Dutch though). But gives you an idea of general cost. They had good service, except for the truck driver being unable to read a map
  5. Shop around a bit. I have the polycarb plates on my veranda (7x3m ish), had to replace them last year. DIY and local speciality stores were going to be >1k, found a store online that had them for about €500 delivered. Make sure you also get the tape to seal the ends.
  6. Reminds me of this guy: https://ck5.com/forums/threads/72-k5-gregs-might-as-well™-build-iso-benchtop-metal-lathe.224462/ He went with custom axles and just reused the Mog portal boxes if I remember correctly. Probably a whole lot lighter
  7. In this article: https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/ineos-grenadier-2021 They mention £40k starting.
  8. Interesting! It's been on my list for a while, I haven't fitted any yet, but should for when I have my big tyres on. I was planning on just putting a spacer above the existing ones...
  9. Clean, but I'm still not a fan of removing the air suspension. Rubbing with bigger tyres and failing air suspension can be solved with longer bump stops. You're just removing so much of what makes the P38 a great and versatile vehicle. Can't say I've every felt it was too wobbly on the road. Although I do most of my spirited driving in standard height, not highway. I do have to wonder why your air suspension kept failing so much. Even with a sometimes-out-of-range LF height sensor mine is pretty reliable, and if it does act up it's easy to reset as long as it's not a hard fault. In the end all that matters is that you're happy with the vehicle. But don't post up if you can't take questions/criticism.
  10. accurate. Slightly less eyebleed-inducing though.
  11. Figured it out years ago while looking at a crank, but my memory is fuzzy as always. I'll try to remember to verify when I have my crank in my hands in a few weeks.
  12. https://www.pistonheads.com/news/ph-britishcars/ineos-grenadier-officially-unveiled/42677 That bulge under the ladder step... silly.
  13. Looks like it still has the trailing arm mounts hanging under the chassis. And that jerrycan-looking bump right under the ladder, smart 🙄
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