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  1. It probably is. Fact of the matter is, most people don't do this sort of thing with their vehicles, just like they didn't with the old Defender. Fewer mods*. And, importantly, they actually bought the spec that is suited for off-roading. The Bronco has a luxury spec too, which comes far less equipped for this sort of trail than what they brought. It's not really apples to apples.
  2. It highlights their version of the Defender is not comparable in that company. The one they'd gotted originally on the smaller steelies would've done much, much better. Using the performance spec off-road without modifying it isn't Land Rover's fault, is it? Or are they not allowed to sell it at all?
  3. Mild shock, they popped two tyres on 20" wheels. So unreliable! Starting to get a little sick of their clickbaity carp. They should've just taken the engine swap on the white one.
  4. This one: I think it requires you to approve that once you turn on the compatibility mode, like this in the RAVE.exe settings: Could be you don't have an administrator account and it doesn't work then? Never tried that...
  5. Strange, still works fine for me. Do you get the elevated rights popup when trying to open the exe?
  6. That looks exactly like my Waeco, except it has fancy digital controls.
  7. I have a Waeco CF-24 (or something) that I bought second hand. Does the job well, nudge the slider a bit too far and it'll happily freeze your food. Not too bad on power consumption either, I think it's 3A when running, but doesn't run all the time, so averages out to 1.5Ah or something.
  8. Air suspension so you can lower your brick on the motorway, 2WD kit in the LT230, horrible eco tyres, draft lorries. Or just don't worry about it and enjoy your vehicle as it is?
  9. I never had any issues with my General Grabbers, a fair bit better than the BFG ATs I had afterwards... For me one of the all-time great tyres was the Michelin XPC. Great on and off-road, bit more on-road biased I guess. Shame they stopped making those.
  10. Depends on the speed you want. For doing regular off-road recoveries, the small pumps are fine as long as they can deliver the pressure. But yeah, not cheap sadly...
  11. I once forgot to tighten the camshaft pulley bolt on my 300TDi. That was a lot of expensive noises.
  12. Maybe it closes a flap in the air intake and allows it to breathe from a higher, less efficient spot? Or it raises the air suspension I think that's just the Ineos logo, same one as on the rear wing of the Merc F1 car?
  13. I quite like that interior. The dialogue in the video was very much an exercise in how to not explicitly say Defender while meaning Defender.
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