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  1. elbekko

    Manuals - Naming conventions

    Absolutely, I host a bunch of it myself. And would've offered storage and bandwidth for this if I'd seen this earlier, my hosting offers both 'unlimited' anyway. Just have to be careful if it's condoned by a big forum like LR4x4.
  2. elbekko

    Manuals - Naming conventions

    I'd be careful with that, it's technically still copyrighted material...
  3. elbekko

    P38 Low Range Gremlin

    XYZ switch is pretty simple: But it doesn't seem to use it: Instead using the neutral switch (X293, LH side of gearbox): You're right that it's all a bit confusing 😕
  4. That means you'll need a damn beefy 230V outlet (one of the blue ones): Edit: Looks like that's only for the small ones, the 255ic looks nice https://www.1stopweldingshop.com/files//775d905f-ff3a-4bd8-9f30-a89e00c79c0d/Esab Rebel 255ic & 320ic Factsheet.pdf
  5. Sounds good, but appears to be some sort of American-market machine, since it's advertised as working on both 120V and 230V...
  6. Indeed it does, according to RAVE. Looks like it's in the extension housing.
  7. elbekko

    ibex 300 build

    Congrats! Looking forward to seeing it in action!
  8. Well, I was speaking as former winch-bitch
  9. You'll regret that when you have to lift waffle boards filled with clay onto the roof
  10. elbekko

    General Grabber AT

    Interesting, I always loved mine. Indeed mostly on-road, but also a lot of off-road. Used on both my RRC and P38. Only had one puncture, a huge nail in one of them coming off the ferry in Calais. Easily had over 50k km on them. But I get why the BFG might be a better choice if you're mainly doing gravel roads.
  11. elbekko

    General Grabber AT

    The softness is why I love the Grabbers, I had LT BFGs and they were harder than a rock, properly scary sometimes.
  12. elbekko

    General Grabber AT

    I've heard of Nitto, but looks like they're not so easy to get here.
  13. elbekko

    Finally took the new kid out!

    It'd be a lot more impressive to see a Defender struggle through it first.
  14. elbekko

    General Grabber AT

    I'm not a fan of the look of the AT3 though. Do they work well?

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