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  1. 1980 RR Chassis no. location?

    RH rear outrigger, in front of the rear wheel.
  2. Which is best ?

    Couldn't you argue the LEDs in the lightbar are individual lights? They're usually an even number, certainly is the case on mine.
  3. Venturing off road again.......

    You won't miss it for laning, no. For some tougher off-road it might be nice, but I've never not been able to manually control my braking adequately. Or get the manual, then you have a proper ratio first gear and don't need it at all.
  4. Venturing off road again.......

    Steering guard isn't really necessary as there's a beefy bit of chassis in front of the steering bars. There are snorkels, but they're all pig ugly. On the GEMS it's fairly easy to fit an RRC one through the bonnet, one the later Bosch it's a bit harder because the ECU is in the way.
  5. Venturing off road again.......

    There isn't much aftermarket for the P38 that isn't horrendously expensive. But building a winch mount isn't too hard, there's plenty of room between the chassis legs. And they do alright off road...
  6. Where to sell winch hydraulics?

    @Escape might be interested?
  7. P38 4.6 fuse blowing

    This. But chances are the compressor is buggered too.
  8. Oh, that sounds lovely. Bit far away though
  9. P38 2.5 Auto - Gearbox Oil Level

    Yup, running. Select every gear momentarily, put it back in P/N, and check the level.
  10. 130 4.0 v8 auto

    Right, a few more periods would help that post, but I think I get the gist of it. Yes, there are different crank spacers. We had the same issue when mating a 4.6 to a 4HP22, but managed to cobble something together from a collection of stuff we had laying around (would've been a mix of the 3.5 and 4.6 parts). No machining required.
  11. True or false? Defender unveiling?

    Bleh, useless
  12. Of course it will, the discussion is in axle spacer vs wheel spacers. Your shocks and springs are still largely in the same spot, so any leverage on the axle housing will be the same between them.
  13. Well, with a P38 that off-roads regularly, the sliders really like to stick.