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  1. elbekko

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    My Mercedes dealership also has the cars and commercial/trucks in the same building. No issue there, I don't see why JLR would mind. Especially considering the heritage they're selling.
  2. elbekko

    V8 problems

    ATF in the bores?
  3. elbekko

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Air suspension dependability in remote areas is fixed with a push-fit schrader valve and an air compressor. The bags themselves are hardly failure items, unless you run them for 20 years without looking at them. Just like other rubber components, like tyres. For me the trade-off of a bit of extra maintenance is so worth it for the versatility of air suspension. Towing, heavy loads, aerodynamics at high speed, ground clearance at will, ... Plus, it allows independent suspension to work better off-road by cross-linking the bags, mimicking a live axle. I'm honestly interested in the new Defender. If it's somewhat affordable, offers a BIK-friendly hybrid option, and doesn't look like arse I'd seriously consider one for the future.
  4. elbekko

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Damn, it really hurt seeing you hit that rot... LR isn't shy to leave unused connectors around, maybe for uprated speakers or something? I'd zip tie it somewhere instead of letting it rattle there though
  5. elbekko

    Poor Spark - EDIS 8 in Default Mode

    A good EDIS coil pack should give a strong spark. So I'd start by checking wiring and voltage drop etc. Or get a new coil pack.
  6. elbekko

    Thor V8 Misfire

    I'd definitely look at ignition, yes. Take the plugs out and see which ones are firing?
  7. @Escape had his MileMarker hydro pump driven off the serp belt as well. Seemed to work quite well, but isn't suitable for big power.
  8. elbekko

    V8 pinning liners

    Worry about the liner if it ever becomes an issue. 99% chance you'll never have an issue with it.
  9. elbekko

    megasquirt or other V8 managment, whats best?

    Just did a bit of quick research, it appears to be very much not built in yet, and in fact barely built at all. Transmission control isn't an easy thing to do without damaging it, especially controlling the line pressure. I still think a custom CAN module that interfaces with the Megasquirt to get its inputs would be better, then you can just use the stock TCM. If I didn't already have a billion unfinished projects and a lack of motivation I'd dust off the CAN RPi module I bought years ago and start fiddling...
  10. elbekko

    P38a (re)build

  11. elbekko

    RRC Rear Prop Fitting

    Yes, something must be wrong here, this is not at all normal.
  12. elbekko

    RRC Rear Prop Fitting

    A Disco has an LT230 with manually locking diff, which will not be damaged by a missing prop. A RRC with a BW and a viscous coupling will be. Very different situations.

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