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  1. If it's the holes in the pulley that are aligned wrong, then no, you won't be able to adjust it. If it's just the cover plate, you can take that off without taking off the cover.
  2. elbekko

    Early P38 workshop manual / diff overhaul

    I've got it here: http://rave.stringsandints.com/RR '02 - RR P38 - Defender.rar
  3. elbekko

    LT230 transfer case upside down

    Well, preferably it'd look stock... for MOT reasons in Belgium.
  4. elbekko

    LT230 transfer case upside down

    The technical drawing says that it's faily different:
  5. elbekko

    LT230 transfer case upside down

    There's no room. And you'd have to change the rear too. It's not a Jeep, both axles are offset.
  6. elbekko

    Free Solidworks licence for 'makers'

    Awesome, no more dicking around with Fusion 360.
  7. elbekko

    The new Defender is now pointless

    That thing is going to cost more than a small house.
  8. elbekko

    The EBay Christ I fancy that 4x4 + its cheap thread

    That is purdy, but I can't imagine driving long distance in one of those...
  9. Didn't feel like trying to upload 140 pictures to the forum that are not LR related, and Imgur was being a pain with sorting them, so Flickr it was. I get your comment, but for this it's just too much of a pain. The relevant pictures have been uploaded to the forum.
  10. elbekko

    LT230 transfer case upside down

    I'd turn it around and drive it through the PTO. Was just discussing this in another thread.
  11. Thanks, feel free to use what you want
  12. There was a surprising lack of beer. Tea was supplied. Beer was had in the evening when everything was done. Finally got my pictures processed as well: https://www.flickr.com/photos/53987443@N05/ I really need a better lense...
  13. elbekko

    P38a (re)build

    As far as I've read, it doesn't matter. And since they're supposedly good for 1000hp, 200hp backwards shouldn't break things 😛 It's still just an idea in my head, need to do measuring and shaft fitting and all that, the adapter shaft may be the most difficult, depends on what the input gear looks like on the PTO side.
  14. elbekko

    New Series - RR Heavy


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