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  1. I don't hate it. Don't love the looks from the side view though. That looks like it was photoshopped by the Renault intern.
  2. I fully agree. The knob in my Mercedes works perfectly, why would you ever want a touchscreen?
  3. It shouldn't, my guess is the bag was just so rotted it blew out instead of slowly leaking. The new bag going down could be as simple as the line not being in properly, or it needs a bit cutting off so the o-ring bears on a new bit.
  4. Not just the UK, I had some Swedish friends a few years ago that were absolutely shocked and appalled that I was carrying a knife with locking blade... just my Leatherman Surge.
  5. I've moaned a lot about 10-yearly testing of LPG tanks, but damn if that doesn't prove me wrong. How can anyone let it get that bad? Does the MOT not catch that?
  6. To clarify, all the vacuum hoses are connected together, so operating the pump tests all of them simultaneously.
  7. Doesn't the seal need the pulley to seal on? Another possible suspect is (I think?) the little pressure relief valve that sits just above the oil filter housing. The o-rings on that part can go bad and tiddle oil all over the front end.
  8. That's interesting. Is there an easy way to check this?
  9. It confused me for a long time as well, can't even remember where I read the actual explanation now, I think in some document or other.
  10. That "fault" means the suspension is at a different height from when it was last shut down. Really common to have that in there.
  11. '99 Thor/Bosch P38. When I set the cruise control on the motorway, it'll constantly fluctuate in speed. If I set it to 120 km/h, it'll drop slowly to 115 km/h, then accelerate again, and repeat this process constantly. I checked the vacuum system yesterday, manually operating the pump, and it kept the actuator perfectly steady over multiple hours, so that can't be it. Any ideas?
  12. I've had a Leatherman for about 10 years now, very happy with it and has been abused heavily. Think it's a Surge, and I've got a Wave somewhere too, but can't find it anymore...
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