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  1. Very cool!
  2. Yup, that's only there to ensure some wrap on the aircon pulley. The stock non-ac belt should fit fine. If it doesn't, get a piece of string, wrap it around everything, and mark the length you need. Then go to a parts store and ask for a xPKyyyy belt, where x is the number of grooves and yyyy is the length in mm.
  3. Without: With:
  4. Take a hammer and chisel to get the clay off though.
  5. The rule is there, the thing is that nobody really cares. Unless you find the one tester that's been dumped the day before and is in a really bad mood. If the chassis is full of bird poo welds they'll notice, if it looks factory, nobody will bat an eye.
  6. Welcome and good luck!
  7. Brainfart on my part I guess, I thought the D2 used the same ABS system as the P38. Guess not.
  8. The marked pipe is the fuel EVAP pipe, you probably won't be using this. There's no brake booster vacuum pipe as the cars the Thor/Bosch engine was fitted to had an electric ABS pump. There should be another bung in the top left of the picture (near the oil filler) on the manifold that you can use for a brake vacuum pipe. May not be drilled and tapped though. As for cruise and throttle, I can't recall for sure which is which, but I don't think it matters? Probably nearest the throttle body for the throttle cable.
  9. Yes, very similar.
  10. I've done it on a P38, can't imagine the D2 hubs are all that different. Big circlip holding the bearing in, press out the bearing, look up which one it is, replace, done.
  11. This whole thread is a giant advertisement for music piracy. Just ridiculous what hoops you have to jump through to listen to legal content on all devices... Googling around a bit, how old is your Touran? Apparently there's a firmware update for the RNS510 that allows it to read SDHC, it might not before that.
  12. If we're going to have a build thread for every vehicle you've come close to buying once...
  13. Even if your vehicle is perfectly legal the Belgian MOT is a lottery. Nobody will notice a factory-looking notch in the chassis. Technically you're not allowed to change anything in the driveline either, so I doubt that X-Brake is legal.
  14. Looks like the answer you need was linked in one of the many threads you posted (I looked them up): From: http://xrover.be/Xforum/viewtopic.php?f=79&t=67337&hilit=handrem#p727083 So it appears to be due to LR build tolerances. Either grind a bit off the chassis and paint it black so nobody will notice, or try to find a different solution.