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  1. I guess they learned after the early versions. Remember, the P38 was one of the first vehicles with tons of electronic gizmos.
  2. I meant to type "no return spring"... welp. When you let the needle fall, there is some resistance, which I presume is from the coil driving the needle. But no force in either direction. My apologies, I'll try better next time Maybe downhill, with a supercharger put on she'll go past 220, most I ever got out of her was 190 ish...
  3. So, to update. It was easily fixed by popping the plastic cover off the binnacle and rotating the needle back by hand. It also became obvious what happened. There's return spring on the needle, it just assumes you slow down gradually so it returns under power. But when power suddenly cuts out and the needle is past half, it'll fall to the right and won't be able to come back up.
  4. No. Just make sure it's clean and check flatness of the head and block with a straightedge if you suspect it's been leaking.
  5. From what was in the comments, apparently got stuck at low tide and then watched it get drowned.
  6. Use new bolts, or better, a set of ARP studs.
  7. Looks like someone took the new Defender a bit too far into the sea... (Not sure why the images are stretched after pasting... originals here:
  8. That's just the cap for the schrader valve on the fuel rail, nothing to worry about. Not a fan of what looks to be a weld on the fuel rail next to it though... Block colour appears to just be from slightly dirty oil that's been sitting for a while. Same with the rocker covers, sludge deposits from the oil not getting changed often enough (and/or blowby). The valley gasket looks pretty bad, but only the outside layer?
  9. Very clean! I might be tempted if you chuck it out... They'll have drilled holes in the manifold for the injectors to feed into. Those nipples are usually M8 or M10 fine thread. Easiest way to know if to measure. You could pop in some bolts/set screws with some loctite to seal off the holes.
  10. There are more types of LPG system than you can throw a stick at... Some pictures would help.
  11. Spoken like a man without a welder I have one of these, which might make it low profile enough: The bit goes directly into the ratchet, really allows you to get into tight spaces.
  12. Somehow, due to a bad earth connection on the battery, my speedo managed to go past max, and won't go back... now it's just pushing against the needle from the bottom when driving. I looked with Rovacom, but couldn't see an option to actuate the speedo needle. Does anyone know how to fix it? Or is it dash out time?
  13. Was your heater working before the head gasket popped?
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