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  1. That's not quite right, one of the pipes fits into the manifold with an O-ring.
  2. Can't find it... not even mentioned in the BeCM docs.
  3. elbekko


    Yeah, I've had a can of conformal coating sitting around waiting to be applied since then
  4. elbekko


    Yup, it's still going strong. Some things even started working again after that, like the mirror dip...
  5. elbekko


    'tis true. I spent a week with the BeCM opened up, a can of contact cleaner and a paintbrush, cleaning it while watching TV
  6. It's hexadecimal, fairly sure the manual mentions it.
  7. Definitely an area worth visiting I was nearby for this year's gathering, but only remembered rather late and saw you had to sign up in advance, so didn't come over. Somewhat regretting that now.
  8. Go for it. Even when not everything is working perfectly (don't expect it to), it's such a lovely vehicle to drive. And ridiculously capable off-road, especially if you get the 4-wheel TC. Don't buy one on coils, it's guaranteerd to have been messed with.
  9. Well, @Escape does like saving weight. But this might be pushing it a bit We've set a deadline, so let's hope this one doesn't whoosh by.
  10. GEMS has separate coils that can be driven by DCD and mount behind the intake as well.
  11. Bunch of bananes on top (Bosch) or a rectangular block (GEMS).
  12. In general, but yes to you since you're asking about mounting EDIS coil packs. There are good factory options, that mount in the factory location, so it might be less effort and cleaner to just change the loom instead of trying to fit EDIS coils in that spot.
  13. If you've got a Thor inlet, and are using EDIS coil packs, why not just use the factory Bosch coil packs with their pretty factory mount? They're at least as good and operate exactly the same...
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