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  1. I did that on my P38, it works very well indeed.
  2. About all of it. Luckily it all ended up on the chase car, very little actually hit the road. Cleaned off the chase car, bought some oil and hose clamps at the nearest services, and continued on It's a nice car, I've only driven it a few km, but it definitely feels like a Lotus. Not quite as focused as the Esprit, but still nice.
  3. I was there, yes. As Mike said, a friend of mine is a fan of Lotuses, and dragged me along. And signed me up for marshalling Ah, it was only the line to the oil cooler that came off on the M20. No biggie Oh, we went up to Newcastle a month or so ago to pick up an Excel.
  4. Good to see progress
  5. Oh, absolutely. It's your show and you should make it how you want to You didn't happen to be at the TLF gathering at Brooklands last week did you?
  6. Yeah, maybe. As said, it doesn't take away from the enjoyment, I just think it might be nicer if you'd alternate between vehicles per episode, not have multiple in each episode.
  7. "Vehicle has moved" is, as far as I know, just a marker that's set to indicate the system is working properly. If your right rear valve is acting up, it can certainly cause all these symptoms!
  8. Another lovely episode. I think my only "complaint" would be that's it's a lot of different things crammed into one episode, and it sometimes feels a bit busy. But I'm enjoying it
  9. You can reach the latch from underneath. Just. If you have long arms.
  10. Yeah, I converted it to 3v3, I think it was mostly due to Mono being a pain on the Pi back then (maybe it still is).
  11. Nice! Did you configure TunerStudio to auto start? If so, how? I never managed to get that working. Same with the auto shutdown, had some trouble with reading the GPIO pin for that IIRC.
  12. You can reach it without removing the battery. Removing the grille makes it easier though.
  13. "Slam panel" I think is the correct term. The switch is indeed in the RHS locking mechanism. Unplugged is closed, FYI
  14. Nah
  15. I'd be less embarrassed for LR if it was... but alas. Most definitely the D5, offset rear plate and all. I think my eyes developed a little bit of cancer. I'm not going to take the car I was driving into proper wilderness, my driveway is bad enough