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  1. I was planning on hooking up the trailer during my test drive, but it was empty, so wouldn't have said that much.
  2. The gear lever is a double one for me. It's not as nice to use as the one in the P38, and for most use I much prefer the column-mounted selector + paddles in my Merc. And the really, really, really stupid thing about that gear lever: when you put it in sport to manually shift, you can't go to reverse. Have to push it right again first. No reason for that whatsoever.
  3. Err, that sounds very strange, yes. Mine didn't make any noise at all...
  4. Aha. It's easier to see on the inside of the cap, the bearing locating notches in the cap and conrod should be on the same side. I had the same with being really, really hard to turn over. Worried me a lot at first, but no issues now after 6000km
  5. Previous test drives, I'm sure. It was pretty dry when I was out, and only dipped the passenger wheels in a little bit of mud.
  6. This saturday I managed to obtain a full day test drive with the new Defender D240. Well equipped, including ATPC and the rear locker. Some background: I've personally had a '95 RRC 300TDi and now a '99 P38a 4.6 V8. My daily driver is a '17 (MY18) Mercedes E-class Coupé. I like driving, and I like well-executed technology. Now, on to the Defender. Picked it up around 10 AM from the Land Rover dealership in Leuven. The salesman didn't say a word about not taking it off-road, and it already had some battle scars, so of course I took it off-road. First impressions were good. S
  7. The arrow is on the piston, the dot is on the conrod. On one bank they point the same way, on the other bank away from each other. When putting into the block, only the arrow on the piston matters.
  8. Oh? I thought as long as you complied with the 0.6kWh/100kg, you'd just be taxed for the reported CO2 emissions, in the Defender's case 74-88 g/km. I'll do some more research... Edit: conflicting info, but on the website of the government (https://financien.belgium.be/nl/ondernemingen/personeel_en_loon/voordelen_van_alle_aard/bedrijfswagens#q1) they mention OR, and in the linked Excel file the RRS PHEV is listed as compliant. And also suddenly listing 0.5kWh/100kg instead of 0.6. Ahh, Belgium.
  9. So, I've been doing some looking up and calculating, to see how realistic the PHEV would be for me to buy. In Belgium we've got some pretty harsh BIK rules. Even the D240 would be painfully expensive. Recently they've also added a rule for "fake hybrids". A battery under 0.6 kWh/100kg of vehicle weight means you pay tax as if it's the non-hybrid version. For the Defender, the unladen weight is 2600 kg (!). And from what I can find, a 19.2 kWh battery. If I did my maths correctly (probably not), at that weight it would need a 15.6kWh battery to comply. So actually safe, surprisingly
  10. That's nice. I've got a test drive booked tomorrow (all day) with a D240. We'll see how much they warn me about not taking it off-road
  11. Yes, my oil filter is mounted straight on there without the adapter.
  12. Or just go for the Bosch/Thor manifold and fuel rail and use any of a million injectors.
  13. There's a big difference between having a proper grounded argument, and just spouting the same useless tripe in every barely related thread.
  14. Plus the Merc team ran at a ~30M loss last year, while generating a few billion in advertising. Not really money pit. And starting next year there will be a budget cap. I still somewhat doubt it's true though, but you never know. Eddie Jordan is rather broken-clock-like.
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