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  1. Exactly. The compressor wears out because the rubber bits - valve block o rings and air springs - leak.
  2. Looks like two of the ports just haven't been punched properly? Send it back and order a genuine one.
  3. Definitely sounds like a bad ground. I had similar issues when the cable from the body to the battery was disconnected, check that one.
  4. I have a feeling shock choice is going to be much more important than spring choice - I know it can make a huge difference on the P38.
  5. I'd be tempted to just use the stock fittings (ANR6460 if you need new ones), and fit a pushfit connector a bit further up the line.
  6. I think it should be fairly trivial to make an adapter plate, it'll all depend on if the hole in the rear spring perch of your chassis will be big enough to fit the top of the air spring through. Should be fine I think.
  7. Could be M8 gas fittings? They're very fine pitch I think. Struggled with that stuff before for LPG... Some drawings of the P38 chassis from RAVE: Front end, you can see the spring mounts and shock turrets: Rear, spring mount is under the naughty shaped hole in the crossmember. The springs poke through there.
  8. Yes, exactly. The "flattening the curve". What has been dawning on me over the past few days though, is that it may not be preferential to flatten the curve "as much as we can". We need to flatten the curve to fit the capacity of the health system. Which could explain why different countries go for different approaches to lockdowns etc. It could very well be that a country that has lots of healthcare capacity chooses to let people mingle a bit longer so they can get it over with more quickly. It's all a trade-off. Healthcare capacity vs panic vs economic damage.
  9. Your underbody idea should work just fine I think, as long as it's enclosed. You're basically just building a big diffuser, ending in a radiator and a low pressure zone (which should help).
  10. That interchangeability table looks exactly like what we need 👍
  11. Ah sorry, my tired mind only responded to half the question. No clue how different the bags are between the Classic and the P38...
  12. The biggest problem will be front shock mounts, as you can't run a shock through the air bag. The RRC axles with air had a different shock mount I think.
  13. It should all be in the P38 RAVE too The extra wire in the compressor plug is the thermal cutout if I recall correctly.
  14. Does it really matter that there's a ditch or a hump in the middle? 2 wheels off the ground is 2 wheels off the ground. And yes, my point supports that "An old school Defender/disco wouldn't have the wheels off the floor in the first place", because it wouldn't get that far. Thus no comparison can be drawn.
  15. Not a bad read, but honestly less in-depth than the video I linked earlier... Pretty good example of wheel travel. And the reason you wouldn't see a standard old Defender do this, is because it wouldn't get far enough to do it. It'd have been spinning wheels with both unloaded wheels a few mm off the ground.
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