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  1. I'm trying to fit it into the schedule, if possible I'll be there.
  2. elbekko

    ibex 300 build

    https://www.ashcroft-transmissions.co.uk/lt230-ratio-changes/1-667-gear-set.html For the price of not even two tyres...
  3. elbekko

    P38 Auto, oily handbrake

    Looks like it's FTC4939.
  4. elbekko

    Silverstone classic

    Looks brilliant!
  5. elbekko

    New product from xcess4x4

    Plenty of bytes have been spilled on Pirate (before it went to carp) about axles warping when welding on trusses. So it's not that far fetched.
  6. elbekko

    P38 - EAS troubleshooting

    Could be the diaphragm valve leaking, then hardly any air enters the system. Or the compressor is worn out and needs a rebuild. Or both. You can disconnect the top line from the dryer while the compressor is working and feel for pressure there. Where in Belgium are you at?
  7. elbekko

    Manuals - Naming conventions

    Absolutely, I host a bunch of it myself. And would've offered storage and bandwidth for this if I'd seen this earlier, my hosting offers both 'unlimited' anyway. Just have to be careful if it's condoned by a big forum like LR4x4.
  8. elbekko

    Manuals - Naming conventions

    I'd be careful with that, it's technically still copyrighted material...
  9. elbekko

    P38 Low Range Gremlin

    XYZ switch is pretty simple: But it doesn't seem to use it: Instead using the neutral switch (X293, LH side of gearbox): You're right that it's all a bit confusing 😕
  10. That means you'll need a damn beefy 230V outlet (one of the blue ones): Edit: Looks like that's only for the small ones, the 255ic looks nice https://www.1stopweldingshop.com/files//775d905f-ff3a-4bd8-9f30-a89e00c79c0d/Esab Rebel 255ic & 320ic Factsheet.pdf
  11. Sounds good, but appears to be some sort of American-market machine, since it's advertised as working on both 120V and 230V...
  12. Indeed it does, according to RAVE. Looks like it's in the extension housing.
  13. elbekko

    ibex 300 build

    Congrats! Looking forward to seeing it in action!
  14. Well, I was speaking as former winch-bitch

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