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  1. Er. Horn upgrade post (well additional tooter)

    Indeed. I'm willing to bet that's very, very illegal to use.
  2. Air suspension issues

    Probably a leak somewhere. Get out the soapy water and see where it starts bubbling. Could be the airbags in the struts are cracked, only leaking when moving. If so, it'll probably also leak when set to another height.
  3. A grown-up should be available to explain why that's different from the resistor solution, I'm sure. I just don't know Looks like there are peak & hold board available for MS: http://www.jbperf.com/p&h_board/ Bit more expensive, but still doable.
  4. To quote Fridge (and don't hold him to it): "I'd just buy a couple of 25W 10 Ohm power resistors (big gold aluminium jobbies) and run one per bank on the injector power feeds."
  5. Flat power tool batteries - what to do ?

    I know Ctek chargers have a recondition mode that can revive a battery, so maybe. I think that's mainly pulsing to clean off the plates though.
  6. I've thought about doing it, and was about to last year, but chickened out because I managed to get my LPG ECU working again You'll need either a driver board or big resistors to bring the impedance up to levels that don't fry the MS ECU. I think from discussing it with Fridge my plan was to go for the big resistors.
  7. Flat power tool batteries - what to do ?

    AvE did a video on battery resurrection I think. IIRC supply a steady current slightly above operating voltage, but not "zap" it. Just to bring the cells back into the range where the charging electronics recognise the battery again.
  8. WABCO C ABS - Disco1 and RR Classic

    Did you verify this at the ECU or at the relay? Could always be a problem in the wiring there. As for actual operation, not sure, I only know the P38 system and there the pump starts running if the pressure is low and the ignition is on. The pressure switch is definitely worth checking if the pump doesn't do anything.
  9. M8 bolts with a 10mm hex flange head

    Doesn't seem to have a special name: https://www.mcmaster.com/#standard-hex-head-screws/=476f6eeb97e44c2e8b61cfaad03bb8dbja45qzth But yeah, that's in the US of course...
  10. MS3X - Thor Fuel Pressure

    Just use the Bosch fuel pump. It's in no way ECU regulated, as others have said. The only modification it might need is changing the length of the metal strips on the side so it fits in your fuel tank. Yes, they're fairly expensive, but also pretty robust and there are aftermarket ones available.
  11. New Workshop Planned

    Or put some blocks on the other side of the lift and drive over it.
  12. Does it include the weight of the mud in the chassis? 800kg or so.
  13. megasquirt and "piggyback" lpg injection

    Why is that? Legally? There's no reason it shouldn't work, but why not just let Megasquirt drive the LPG injectors directly?
  14. New Series - RR Heavy

    Another episode out