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  1. It probably is that. I think the easy fix would be to have someone in the UK register it as a regular vehicle first, and then buy it?
  2. Did they decide to try and outdo the ugliness of the D5 with that rear end? Good god.
  3. Yes, that should be correct. I think the owner's manual even mentions it in the EKA section?
  4. I doubt it. I did the research in here a few pages back, even with the slight extra mass for the batteries it doesn't come close to max train weight with a 3.5T trailer. And I very much doubt those 250kg are going to make the difference to brakes and such considering a Series is allowed to tow 3.5T as well. At that weight the braking comes from the trailer anyway.
  5. I don't really get how this applies to the Defender PHEV. The difference between 3000kg and 3500kg isn't going to make the battery last all that much longer. Advertise that the vehicle is capable of towing, but with the caveat that it can only do it with the engine on, and nobody would care.
  6. Yes, the PHEV is the logical way to go. If only they'd managed to get a proper economical tune in it, so it'd be below 50g CO² here. That's a dealbreaker for taxes. And the 3T towing I still find silly too. It's not train weight related, so... the motor can't handle it? What?
  7. At least now you can park a tank in your workshop without a worry.
  8. Huh, on my rebuild I checked them all, and none needed filing, they were all exactly in spec. Might depend on supplier...
  9. Ah, the P38 at 108" is out as well then
  10. Oh, now that is interesting! I'll have to have a play with that next time I'm out in the P38. Edit: Err, except for the €99 price tag...
  11. £8000 for what is essentially scrap? Holy hell some people have guts.
  12. If it weren't for this thread I wouldn't have known about it until I was queuing for a petrol station in the UK, so I'm quite happy it was discussed In the end managed (by accident) to find a calm fuel station just outside Exeter where I popped in £30 making it a comfortable trip instead of actually using start/stop and not driving in sport mode all the time
  13. Not jealous. No sir. Not at all.
  14. I used to have a fuel card from work for my 4.6. The agreement was I'd drive on LPG, which wasn't much worse price-wise than a diesel estate driven not so gently. For about two weeks my LPG system was broken and I had to drive on petrol. Apparently the fuel card company called my employer to ask if my card had been stolen
  15. Came across a bunch of closed petrol stations and one big queue today on the A259. Oh well, with some luck I can do the whole trip on one tank. Good thing I'm not in the Range Rover, although I'm not sure what the LPG situation is?
  16. It's almost as if building a low-volume car is expensive, especially currently with all the component shortages.
  17. The ABS ECU is worth a look, I've seen it cause a drain of about that before.
  18. Guess we'll fuel up in Calais and take it easy next week then
  19. Well, that's just incredibly cool. I must say I'm very, very jealous of your job. It must be hard work, but sounds like you have a lot of fun.
  20. Not making it this year either sadly, definitely aiming for next year!
  21. If it got hot enough to melt bushes, I'd be a bit worries about everything plastic nearby that must've gone very brittle now.
  22. Oof, that sucks. Sad to hear. Not sure why you want to take out the crank in-situ if the block needs to come out anyway?
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