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D1 wiper problem


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My sister has a 98 300 Tdi and recently she has reported a problem with the wipers .

When she turns them on they work every time - but when she turns them off they decide for themselves when to stop . Sometimes they continue for a few minutes and then stop .

She's afraid the problem could reverse itself - and they would only work when it suited them .

Any ideas or opinions as to where to look much appreciated . Are switch and motor items that can be repaired ?

I have 'googled' wiper problems - but surprisingly came up with very little . Can't even find a price for a front wiper motor either .

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Thanks for reply dave - and found some motors on ebay .

Just wondering is there any point in opening up the motor - are there contacts etc that could be cleaned up ? Or would it be pointless ?

The postage to ROI costs nearly as much as the motor , but thats the usual story .

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