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Fitting Mud Flaps

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The mud flaps on my 110 were removed by mechanic a few weeks ago, and now I want to fit some new ones. But I never studied how they were fitted :unsure:

For the rear flaps, I can see a bolt under the lip of the rear wing which I guess is used by one end of the bracket, so does the other L-shaped end of the bracket fit against the lashing eye bolt on the chassis?

And does the bracket for the front flaps fit in a similar way?

Many thanks

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On the part of the chassis I did not have any mud flaps but I attached mine halfway between the support strap and the rear section. For the front on the outrigger via two nut and bolts hope this helps. hopefully a grownup will offer better advice and pictures. :D

post-8867-047447300 1286290677_thumb.jpg

post-8867-006273300 1286290701_thumb.jpg

post-8867-043053400 1286290915_thumb.jpg

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oakesy, thanks for posting the photos, much appreciated :)

western, I dont seem to have a threaded rivnut on my chassis. Its a Richards galv chassis and it seems they've missed this hole off :( or its filled with galv.

Guess I'll have to decided whether to drill a hole in the galv, or go without mudflaps :(

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