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200 tdi Engine Frame.

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Has anyone got pictures of a 200tdi ladder frame which clearly shows the gearbox end of things and attachment to it? depending where you read, people have posted the ladder removal with the engine attached to the gearbox while other posts including the maintenance manual say otherwise.

Seems a bit of a daft design to do it the latter that way.I could see them locating the frame on dowels or something at the back end,but you'd think it'd be a straight forward job to drop the oil pan and ladder frane to access the con rods for re-ringing the pistons. :unsure:

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gearbox must be removed to remove the ladder frame from bottom of engine block, there are bolts from the flywheel housing that screw into the ladder frame rear face.

Thanks Western, do you think those other bolts were missed on the other posts? still wouldn't mind pictures if anyone has them

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If I understand it correctly... The Defenders that use the 200TDI have a flywheel housing and bellhousing that use counterdunk bolts into the ladder frame. These bolts are hidden behind the bellhousing. The Discovery 200TDI has the bolts go through the bellhousing, thus accessible. So it depends on which gearbox (Defender or Disco LT77S) is used.

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