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Ok. What to do? Please bare with my story here.

I currently have an LT230 transferbox and an R380 gearbox. Originally i had planned to exchange both of these for upgraded items from Ashcrofts. There was no real rush in order to save my pennies to purchase these as im currently building my 110 in a large workshop. However, there is a real danger now that im going to be punted out of the workshop fairly soon as the firm that owns the industrial estate is planning to sell the land to housing developers.... Its one of those where i may have 18 months or i may have 1 month....

Both the transferbox AND gearbox are complete unknowns. They are ebay purchases and as such, the worst must be expected as they were both cheap as chips.

I dont have my own hydraulic press as yet but i can get occasional access to one. I may be able to send one of the boxes away for reconditioning if im stretched. Which box would be the easier of the two for me to rebuild?

Any advice welcome


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Transfer box would be the easiest for you to re-build i would think. Look up Marcos recent thread on doing his. There was also an article in LRO decribing it recently and lastly, look at the very recent thread for changing the input gear - i posted up a pdf of the overhaul manual for the LT230T there. There are two threads in the tech archive for re-builing the main box - one of those is specific to the r380, but i would think this is much more involved than the transfer box.

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