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  1. So. Are we any closer to actually knowing what the replacement is going to look like or is it the usual renders..... what's the bloody hold up?
  2. Those are very nice Doug. And not a fortune either. Wonder if they have any black ones left
  3. Anyone got any experience of these https://www.devon4x4.com/heavy-duty-drive-member-kit.html
  4. Awesome scott. That guide did the trick! I have to convert 1 song at a time but my HU is playing them! Im a very happy bunny...
  5. Late update on this. Spendrey sent me an SD card that he downloaded music onto. My Hu plays it no problem! I forgot to ask him if he used windows pc or a Mac like I have so I still don't know where the problem lies exactly. All I know is it rules out the hu itself..
  6. One problem at a time john... Just wanna know the best way to go about fitting a gearbox to the 351 first of all.
  7. No suggestions for gearbox if he wanted to stay with a manual? I know the motor would turn any LR gearbox to a box of metal filings. I also think that the Tremec TKO range of gearboxes aren't 4x4 compatible. If that is correct what would the options be?
  8. I'd still like to hear from some of the auto fans on here if this is a good deal? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rover-v8-4-6-Torqueflite-727-autobox-/272751533263?hash=item3f81421ccf:g:wSUAAOSw-89ZUBjA
  9. Yes it's A&A transmission that's looking into what adapter and flex plate he needs. Just for the fullness of options, what manual gearbox would be best placed to handle the torque and be able to mate up with the LT230?
  10. Well? What about that 727 I linked to? Is that a reasonable price? I'm not up to speed on autos..
  11. Ok so just had an email back from a US transmission place that the 727 won't mate with the 351 without an adapter and special flex plate.
  12. So with the LT230 he will be sorted. Just need to find out what bellhousing he needs. What about this... thoughts? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rover-v8-4-6-Torqueflite-727-autobox-/272751533263?hash=item3f81421ccf:g:wSUAAOSw-89ZUBjA
  13. No worries. On the rangey auto with the torqueflite box, was that mated to the LT230 or was it the Borg Warner? Edit: I see there is a 727 from RR for sale on fleabay just now
  14. RV8 lighter but we reckon the 383 is making 400-450hp. With major torque of course. So a 727torqueflite. LT230. Is there a specific bellhousing required?
  15. But he loves that engine! So do I if I'm honest. Stroked to 383
  16. Loving that pic of the old Renault! Actually I've made a mistake. It's not a 460, it's a 351W. Also it's not mine. I've still to finish off my 4.6. My dad is building a 110 and has a 351 lying around. What's causing the biggest questions is drive train. He would prefer an auto but no idea what one and how to mate it to transfer box...
  17. As title. Would it fit into a defender?
  18. Haven't looked at this for a little while. I was getting a little disheartened if I'm honest. Then the washing machine threw a bearing and the fridge/freezer decided it didn't feel like freezing anymore - all in the same day.
  19. Right. I'm starting to get really p!ssed off now. I purchased an mp3 file from Amazon as advised. However in order to see this download I had to download the Amazon music player. So I do that. While I'm able to play and hear the song, i seem to be unable to drag this file into my SD card. Why the Fck can't I just transfer the iTunes files that I have legitimately purchased onto any damned memory card I choose? I bought it ffs.... Is it going to be easier to buy some file converter in order to convert my iTunes files? Beginning to think I splashed out on this expensive head unit for fxk all. Grrrrrrrrrrr.
  20. Haven't tried an MP3 as yet. Going to do that later. For all of that though, as was mentioned before, you would think that the head unit would at least see the SD card even though it's not able to play anything. It doesn't even recognise that there is an SD card in the slot.. I will download an MP3 file onto the SD card and see what happens. Dave could you point me in the direction of one of these apps that I may need to convert file formats? Sorry, I'm a bit of a noob with these things. What happened to cassettes.........
  21. Had a quick look. My card is a 16gb Sandisk SDHC. My unit is apparently compatible with SDHC cards up to 32gb. Dont know what's going on.....
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