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Immobilise my 300tdi?

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It won't stop a determined thief but a friend of mine connected a relay to an innocuous switch e.g. fog lights such that with the ignition off and the switch turned on, the relay would be energised and he put the throttle stop solenoid feed though a set of NC contacts on the relay.

So, when you stop, turn off the ignition, turn on the fog lights and the engine is disabled.

The advantage is that there is no separate (hidden) switch to find, it is in plain view!



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even then, anyone that knows landrovers would clip a test lead between the alternator and stop solenoid and i'd fire right up.

Your better looking at mechanical methods of immobilisation, for instance diskloc or clutch-claw type devices, or the hydraulic line lock for the clutch pedal.

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A really quick simple method on a 300tdi that'll confuse most theivs, pop the bonnet, on the passenger side of the engine bay near the back is a small black fusebox with 3 jumbo fuses in it, pull the middle one out and now there's no power to anything ;)

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