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Oil leaking out timeing chest

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Transplanted Disco 200tdi, I've noticed I've got a small amount of oil seeping out the breather hole in the timeing chest. I need to put a new water pump on it and really change the timeing belt as I have no history about it at all.

I have a bad leak from the rocker cover too, which suggests my crank case breather isn't quite doing its job properly. Is it possible that a inefficient breather can cause oil to be pushed out the front crank seals? While I've got the timeing chest open is it worth the effort to put in new crank/cam oil seals? on the off chance?



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Whether or not the breather caused the seal to leak, it will need changing now anyway - best to do it now than do the belt and then have to take it all apart again. It wont add long timewise to the job - i suppose both crank and cam seals should be changed. The breather is easy to check - just take it off and clean it and make sure all the pipes are clear. As for the rocker leak, the 200tdi has a semi circular seal at the front and back of the reocker gear that the rocker gasket sits on top of. These seals are common places for leaks to occur.

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Yeah I did, 25 pounds for 2 genuine seals!!!! yikes... but I know it will be worth it! I happend to have some Britpart ones too, but I'm truely fed up with "making" britpart things fit, so they're going in the bin. Also got a britpart tensioner and idle pulley, I was rageing when they turned up in the box. they'll be going to the scrap man to be weighed in too. Its crazy I've now got a old scrap bin and a new britpart scrap bin...

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