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Temp gauge

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Hi the temp gauge on my defender hicap 200tdi is reading high but the water in header tank is remaining cool.Have cheaked all the water pipes and fitted a new thermostat and sender,the engine dos not seem tobe excessively hot even on long journeys.Any ideas would be most welcome.cheers

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Hi, I suffer with the same problem. I have a 90 200tdi and the temperature gauge sits at about 3/4's or just above half way. I spoke to someone with a 300tdi the otherday and his sits just below half way.

I ran mine for about 45 mins on sunday and then tested it by putting a surface thermometer on the enginge block and it only read 58 degrees c. I've had the sender replaced and it can't be the thermostat because it would over heat if it was faulty, from what i'm told. I'm in the proccess of replacing the temperature gauge. When i've done it i'm hopeing it will be lower. I'll let you know what the outcome is when i've done it.

Cheers Terra Dog

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I don't recall offhand, some ebay seller. I'd recommend either an Autometer or VDO one and one with the through the dial lighting (I went with around the dial and do regret it, though they do look nice during the day at night they need more lighting which is something I need to address). Their sender is 1/8" NPT/BSP but to make an adapter all you need to do is drill out a stock sender and tap it to 1/8", takes 10 minutes.

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