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discovery body styles


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I've just (well nearly just) bought a cheap disco. It was registered 1991 and has a 5 door body. However on the dvla and insurance website it is coming back witha 3 door listing.

This got me wondering, when did 5 doors become available - discos came in about 1989 only a 3 door form, so was the 4 door available by 1991.

I've left a deposit with the dealer, but when I pop back to collect it tomorrow I will check the documentation (I spent so long going over the vehicle that I didn't think to check vin vs ID, and it was a new comp MOT).

Just making sure I'm not buying a ringer, although why anyone would ring a 192k 200tdi disco at £500 is beyond me.

I've googled and I can't seem to find the dates for body styles, I'll have a peek in the comics now and see if I can see the info there


90 200Tdi (made from lots of cars), possibly 200tdi 1991 disco (cheapo motor)

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thanks for that, just need to check that the docs match then, knew that the 1991 date was close to the introduction but comics didn't have that information in the buyers area.

Collecting early tomorrow - mate who's driving it back has been warned he has to hope for a warm day so he can open the window as the dog stench was impressive :)

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Checked it this morning and the vin number matched the v5, engine number matched and the vin specified the correct body style. Obviously just a DVLA normal land rover body style screw up.

There doesn't seem an obvious way to correct this as there is no number of doors field on the v5.

just done the insurance and when the cover note arrives it can be taxed.

So I now own a 90, a series and a disco. I can see me always being underneath one at the weekend, but hopefully one will be working during the week...

Mate asked me what the difference was between the disco and the 90 truck cab - I said about 30dB........

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