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110 County to restore

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I've been following this forum for a few weeks now and thought that it was about time that I said hello.

I've already picked up a few good tips from the forum, and now know where to look or ask if I get stuck.

Shooting is my main hobby, but I recently acquired a 110 County partly restored from a genuine Land Rover enthusiast who was giving up restoration due to health reasons.

When I started looking for a County I knew that I was almost looking for the Holly Grail, as I wanted a V8 petrol with automatic gearbox.

V8 petrol because one of my companies activities is Autogas conversion, and I'm used to the V8 power in my Range Rover. Autobox because I was seriously injured in an accident, and now have a bad left leg, and find clutch pedal operation difficult. The vehicle that I acquired had already had a Disco 3.9 and autobox sort of fitted, but not finished, so theres lot of wiring to do.

I intend to restore the County to a high standard, but to my own specification to enable the vehicle to be utilised as both a shoot bus, and a shooting platform to allow safe rifle shooting at night.

I've already acquired a 12,000 Lb. Britpart winch from a friend of my sons. I won a nice winch bumper on Ebygumbay a couple of weeks ago, and have just won a bull bar also on Ebygumbay, I just have to go to Halifax to collect it. I'm on the look out for a swing away spare wheel carrier, but don't want to spend silly money. I've just been out bid on one (guess where), but I'm in no rush at the moment. I'm patiently waiting to get the vehicle into one of the bays in my works garage, fortunately all of the mechanics at my place are 4x4 enthusiasts, so I won't be short of help or opinions, and its good to know that there is a font of knowledge on this forum.


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Hi and welcome to the forum. Your Landrover sounds like it will be smart when complete. I also drive a V8 90 auto conversion and am very impressed with its all round driveability.The added room of the 110 will make it perfect for your purpose. The forum is full of decent folk whom are eager to advise when required so dont be shy if you need help. Just post some pics as you go along with the build.

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