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Pathwatch targets illegal offroaders.

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Articule taken from Chichester ObserverThurs June 15.

A bid to stop damage to the West Susex countryside caused by irresponsible "off roaders" has been launched in the Chichester distrrict.

The South Downs joint committee has joined forces with Sussex police, and together with West Sussex county council, district and parish councils, landowners and recreational user groups they have formed Sussex Pathwatch in an attempt to prevent motorised vehicles using public rights of was illegally.

Initally being piloted in the Chichester district area, the project is led by PC Mark Hillman of Sussex police and Angela Shepard a ranger at the committee's western area base.

It calls on the public to report incidents of people flouting the law.

PC Hillman said "this is an example of partnership working to try to educate people about what they can do to reduce the effects of a small minority of anti social users of off road vehicles."

Angela Shepard added "i am sure people in the Sussex counryside have sometimes seen motorised vehicles behaving irresponsibly or just wondered if they were allowed to be where they were?"

Now people can report and identify and the police can use their resourses more effectively.

Referance cards which will give people all the information they need to report an incident by either calling the police on 0845 60 70 999 or completing a form on the joint committee website:-


Adjacent to this story is one about a group of 300!!! walkers and their dogs hiking along the Sussex Downs!!!

Comments please!

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Being the kind of person I am, I would never suggest that you take this 1MB form, which actually doesn't allow you to save the changes for when you email it, and email to the address supplied, thus completely filling thier server and probably crashing thier network if people tried hard enough.

That would never do, and would obviously not be how this was intended to work.

what a bunch of f*****ng numpties. Can't wait to tear a new one for the people who do such stupid things for a gov computer system in my new post, a 1mb file to have about 3 fields. two hand, map and still no sign of bum cheeks

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