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200Tdi Conversion

Chris x

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I have nearly sorted the wiring for my 200Tdi, the main thing now is to connect the fuel lines and fit rads, pipes e.t.c.

The Series was origanally a 2.25 petrol. I cannot get the existing fuel lines to reach the engine, so I was wondering how people go around this problem? Can you buy extended lines? Fittings e.t.c? I would also need a fuel return to the tank. I have searched but cannot find a brake line that will attach to my tank, which has the 90 degree elbow. Not sure if I would have to go second hand of a Diesel Series?

I was also wondering if I would need any longer pipeing for the intercooler, radiator e.t.c. I have both Series and Disco rads avaiable. Im guessing I would have to use the Disco rad due to the built in intercooler.

I have a Defender front if that makes much difference.

Thanks in advance! :lol:;)

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An autofactors will sell you fuel hose. Buy a few m and some jubilee clips. You can then extend the pipe coming from the tank and run a line back to the tank.

I expect the fitting on the tank will be one of these strange 'imperial' sizes. It might be worth seeing if you can pull it off and take it to a hydraulics place to see if they have something to fit.

I can't remember if you need to extend pipework at all. I'd use the discovery rad/intercooler out of preference.

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You will need to recycle the threaded ends from the previous installation. You can push the replacement rubber fuel hose over plastic hose (with the threaded end attached) and pop a jubilee clip over the top. Be careful not to overtighten or you will crush the plastic pipe underneath. If you can't get a good seal, then you'll need a metal ferrule to insert into the plastic pipe to make it more rigid (I've never needed one!)

That said, I think all the fittings are metal pipe anyway. Certainly in/out of fuel filter and injection pump are. So you only need to worry about lift pump and tank.

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The thread on the series tank is 1/4 BSP IIRC.

Just make up the fuel lines to suit.

You will need to make up coolant/intercooler hoses to suit as they'll be too short, as will the oil coolepipes.

You may need to clock the compressor housing on the turbo round to a better angle to make the pipes fit.


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