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northumberland snow

if pigs could fly

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hi folks what a few days for driving my freelander.i live in alnwick in northumberland the snow has been really heavy .this is my first winter with the landrover i cant believe how good this thing drives it is a 2005 td4 sports auto with 18inch standard tyres. lots of folk told me its auto and the tyres are to big.it has pulled cars out of drifts climbed hills . what a machine it seems to have came alive some folk no nothing. long live the freelander .when the tc flashes on is that the 4 wheel drive or some thing else ?

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.it has pulled cars out of drifts climbed hills . what a machine it seems to have came alive

Glad you are enjoying it - they are great aren't they :)

For those facing snow in a 4x4 for the first time though, please bear in mind that stopping it is no better than any other car (and may be worse):

I have a DD saloon with road tyres, rear wheel drive and ABS - it is absolutely useless when trying to get going in snow or on ice (I need a run-up to get up the access ramp over the pavement and into my driveway) but will stop better than my off-roader on ice or frozen-compacted snow...


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Freelanders are seiously uner-rated aren't they? Ignore the diff lock snobs, I've got a 96 300 TDi disco sat on the rive with fuel delivery problems and my Freelander 1.8 XEi keeps going, driving friends and family everywhere (though not 6 passengers at a time), HDC is excellent, I will be genuinely sad to see it go- I love the disco's flexibility too much to let her go

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