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Alarm Problem...I'm Stuck!!

110 Dom

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Any hints or tips here may save me an expensive callout from Landrover.

I had been out driving for maybe an hours run in my 2004 Discovery 2 today. When I got home the car would not lock on the remote so I ended up locking it on the key. I tried the spare remote and that did not work either, it neither locked or unlocked on the remote but up until tonight everything had been fine. I did not try and start it again and just thought I would have to use the key for a day or so until I could fix the problem.

My brother in law turned up and got stuck outside in his bmw as we are on a hill and the ice is bad so the plan was that I would recover him using the Discovery as you do......went to the Discovery tried the remote but was still not working. Unlocked the door with the key and next thing the alarm starts going off. Tried the key in the ignition but it would not start or turn off the alarm. In the end I had to disconnect the battery. I left it 10 mins thinking it may reset but it didnt, as soon as the batterY was connected again the alarm started going off.

I read the manual an saw that a key override sequence could be used by turning the key right then left in the drivers door.....if you have the 4 number override code. The manual said look on the security card that came with the vehicle. I found the security card but the box for the key override was not filled in...only the radio security code which I tried anyway but did not work.

It is really cold today and ideal weather for battery problems but the fact I had just been driving for an hour meaning everything was warm did not jump out as a battery problem due to cold unless the battery is on its way out or alternator problems??

Any ideas on why the remote may not be working and things to try to get me out of this problem? Is there anyway I can get hold of the 4 digit code unless there is something else to try??

We managed to salt and dig my brother in law free so now its just me stuck!!



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A few possibilities;

- Flat fob batteries (unlikely to be both)

- Remote receiver has packed up

- The rolling code has maybe got scrambled

The third one happened to me once on my old Discovery, no reason, and I had to get the plips reprogrammed. Try pressing the unlock button about 10-20 times slowly (once per 2 seconds) and see if it resyncs. If it doesn't then either the codes have scrambled or the receiver has probably packed up, I've seen a few where the receiver has gone pop so the BCU does not "see" the unlock code come in from the remote, you'll need to mobilise it with the EKA code and then get the receiver unit replaced.

When you lock the vehicle the alarm/immob kicks in and will only disable from the remote which is your problem. The EKA code will unlock it but is a PITA to use unless in emergency!

A dealer will (should) be able to look up the EKA from your VIN number if it is on central LR records which will get you to a dealer - or somebody else with a computer - to reprogram the keys or whatever else is needed.

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I have a 1999 D2 which has had a BCU problem ever since I have had it,I have to remove the fuse that is for the permanent live for the radio,clock and interior light,for some reason this allows me to use my blippers to lock and unlock the car.If I put the fuse back in the blippers do not work and the key will only unlock the drivers door.The only downsides are you have no interior light until you turn the ignition on and the clock and radio code need resetting everytime.It is worth a try if only to get you going again.

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