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Electrics help...

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Hello all,

My old '86 ex military 110 has decided to start playing up in the electrics department and being no expert in the matter, I could use all the help I can get.

The symptoms are: Front side-lights not working at all, off-side headlight (dip) randomly going off, interior light not working, headlights coming on coming randomly (when parked and off) and unsurprisingly the battery going flat.

This all started a couple of weeks ago when my neighbour told me my lights were on, I knew this couldn't be the case as I hadn't driven the thing for a week or so, but, he was right, they were on!

My immediate action was to check the fuses, all were OK-none blown. I then when to the relevant light fuses and took them out one by one, double checked & replaced them, still the lights were on. I then systematically went through the fuses taking each one out individually and it seems the fuse (12A) controlling the fog lights, interior light, clock and horn is the culprit. On taking this one out the lights also went out. I now take this fuse out when I've finished driving so the lights don't come on at 3am and flatten the battery. I have to say that this is random event, the lights come on at any time if that particular fuse is in place, there is no conformity i.e. after I've just turned the engine off.

Separately from this, but, I assume part of the same problem is that front side-lights do not work regardless (the rear side-lights are fine), I've checked the bulbs and they're good, they just don't/won't work!

I'm not going to make any assumptions as to what's wrong because as I really don't have the foggiest, but, if anyone thinks they do know what's going on with my ever rusting land rover I'd be most grateful for your input?

Ta, Mark

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Welcome to the forum, hopefully you'll get your problem sorted.

Now from my limited experience I would hazard a guess at something like a posetive back feed, like you're getting +ve up your earth, I've got an 86 LR90 non mod the electrics are pretty straight forward, but I'm also guessing you have a 24v system?

What makes me say its a posetive back feed is, the light circuit (on mine) is run from an ignition feed so shouldn't light unless ignition is on... and the reason why it stop doing it when you take the fog light fuse out because (on mine) there is "interlock" as it where that turns the rear fogs lights off when the lights flip to high beam, so your faulty earth path is somehow going through your fog circuit...? that could be total rubbish but if I was you I would get a small multimeter and start prodding things, maybe check your main +ve wire off the battery follow it to make sure its happy...

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Thanks for the reply,

Bizarrely everything is now working albeit the heater (which is due to a jammed cable), this is after about a month of not working at properly at all! The fog light fuse is still un-clipped for good measure, I'll follow up on your advise and see whats what - as soon as the temperature rises over 10°c!

By the way, My 110 is/was an FFR, but is 12V. No 24V shenanigans to mess with.

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