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Windscreen washers???

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Typically my windrscreen washers seem to have stopped working. Assumed it was lack of fluid (it was dark!) so put more in but still no joy. Today I have had careful look and tank is 60% full, there has been a thaw on for 36 hours so very unlikely anything frozen.

I have cleaned the connectors to the pump and tested that voltage delivered - it is. If I look carefully some bubbles appear out of the nozzles so something is happening but not a lot. I expected to see a non return valve on the pipe near the pump but there is nothing between the pump and the pipe disappearing through the bulkhead.

I am nervous of taking the pipe off the pump since I think it is original and fear I would never get it reconnected.

Any ideas? I need a solution (pun not intended) fast since we are still on standby here and more serious weather expected from middle of next week.

To replace fully seems I need dash off and the works which sounds a pain so if anyone has any shortcuts I might try I would be really grateful.


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Does the pump make any noise? They're usually anythin but quiet so it should be quite easy to see if it's working or now.

A non-return valve will reduce the amount of time you need to run the pipe, as it will stop the fluid draining back to the pump. more important for the rear screen wash. Make sure NRVs are fitted the correct way around :P

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Hi I would stick a needle down the washer nozzle and if that fails split the pipe between the pump and nozzle and use an air gun to blow through the nozzle and out the pipe, this will clear any sh*t out of the nozzle and should make sure the section of pipe is clear.


Frax :blink:

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pull the pump out of the tank & make sure it's pick up is clear.

pour some hot water on the tube joint to heat/soften it & it should pull off easier, then get a air pump or airline & blow through the piping, sounds like a blocage stopping the fluid getting to the screen.

shove a pin or needle down the washer jet holes to clear them too.

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Thanks guys. The airline did the trick. I had fully expected it to all crumple in my hands as I touched it but it was all in better nick than I expected.

I can now see again - mind you some of the driving last week it was almost better not seeing out the windscreen since too scary when wipers cannot keep up with all the snow flakes even on fast setting!

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