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Sankey trailer resurrection!


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Ok here we go!

Bought a Sankey trailer from a friend near buxton yesterday £125 bargain!!! :lol:

Overall condition looks pretty good for its age (guessing its bloody old)

Couldnt drive down in my 90 as the wheel bearings are shot at, so a good friend said lets go down in my van and put it on the roof rack :ph34r:

Removed the wheels and back axle to try and erm, well do something towards not having a full trailer ontop of a renault kangoo!

Drove 100 miles home to West yorks without it falling off or tipping the damn thing! (slightly wobbly)

The plan is to give the breaks a once over & have a look at the electrics! :( then put some spare mach 5's on it for abit o bling!!!

Any comments are welcome! :D

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"didnt see one copper for a hundred miles" then thats a shame, then to boast about it and post pictures, all those thousands of people, men, women and children you passed on that hundred mile trip can count themselves lucky you didnt involve them in a terrible accident

"we thought about it a lot" so obviously you were aware of the danger and still carried on, Trendkill seems approriate somehow

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People, men, women and children? :\

The axle, wheels, brake system and a few other bits were taken off to bring the weight down to under 400kg! It was strapped down using 3 big bloody ratchet straps.

Then we drove up the lane and back (nearly 3 miles) to see how it drove!

We thought about getting pulled due to how it looked, not because we felt it was unsafe.

There is a difference between bragging & replying to someone's question westender!!

Thank-you for your comment none the less.

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I am amazed you even managed to get it ON the roof!!!

And as for the thought of having 200KG up on the roof of a small van .... :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

Defenders are only rated to carry 50KG on the roof IIRC, and that has quite a noticeable effect on handling. That poor little Kangoo, I am surprised you made it home in one piece, never mind dodging the Plod!!

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